Wow... some feeling good days

Good morning lupie friends. I was diagnosed 2 months ago with lupus after many years of been ill and nobody listening. Now i know the problem and i am learning different ways to cope with things. After feeling so ill for over 10 years the last 2 days have been wonderful. Im hoping its because the hydroxy and steriods are now starting to help. Ive been able to get out of bed with the pain lessened and havent had a pounding headache either. By the way does anybody else feel like the headaches are hangover headaches lol. Even if i can have this lovely feeling of well being for a few more days i will be happy. Ive had a letter from my rhumie on friday to say that she is concerend on the high protien levels and blood in my urine samples and thinks the lupus is effecting my kidneys and has had a meeting with a renal doctor and he wants me to see him. So things are eventually moving for me :-) x i just wanted to share that i feel so good xx

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  • So good to hear you're feeling well! :) xx

  • I'm so glad you are feeling good and glad that you are getting good medical treatment xx

  • Thank you to you both :-) just got back from docs he was a locom and he has just treated me so disrespectfully because he couldnt be bothered to look at my notes. So ive made a complaint about him. Some are sooo bad.

  • Some definately are!!

  • glad you are feeling better...fingers crossed, you get more better days like this...sorry about you appointment at the doctors, locums are the worse, when I book my appointment I tell the receptionists that I do not want to see a locum.

  • i have asked receptionist to put on my records that i dont want to see him again. since found out he has a lot of complaints about him and even another doctor had to calm a patient that wanted to hurt him haha. dont think he will be there much longer. My good days did only last a few days feeling totally exhausted today.

  • Wanted to hurt him?....oh dear!!

    Hope you feel better soon :) xx

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