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HELP !!! in need of a get sexy again miracle without my knees

ok im hoping you all maybe able to help me,im 27 have had lupus since i was 18 i weighed 130lbs at that age im now 27 and after steriods ,life,etc..im now 150lbs i was 160 last month i have jus been trying to change how i eat and all though it has worked its not all alot losing the wieght for me i really want to look nice and toned again a not like a bowl of jello i use to model and be in pageants you would never believe that now lol.

here is the problem i tried,joggin and running i felt like i was 93 years old my knees were killing me not even after but as i began, changed shoes etc.. didnt work not to mention the next day i could berely move.

i was told to walk but walking is not helping me tone,it berely makes me sweat lol and is so boring if you dont have a walking buddy.

the mahines in the gym hurt my knees as well ...sigh my biggest lupus symtom is my join pains yes and thenit is so hard for me to even have the energy and strength to actually do anything sometimes after work sometimes im so tired and the fat i have low blood pressure sometimes even more tired than a normal lupie.

im hoping any of you all may know of or can think of something i have over looked or didnt think of to get my sexy back i have managed to get the healthy eating back but not the sexy yet

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Can you swim? Swimming is really good for joint pain, and exercises every major muscle group. If you keep at it it will help. You may of course find this boring too - if you lane swim (up and down, up and down). All I can say to this is: no gain without (mental) pain....

My other suggestion is to get yourself a camera and teach yourself photography. Then as you walk you will be looking around you all the time for interesting shots. the better you get at photography the more photos you'll want to take and the more motivated you'll be to get out for a walk. More walking = increased metabolic rate = weightloss = sexy and fit (+ a fun new hobby).


Take care - and remember whatever you try is harder for you because of your condition. So don't beat yourself up if it takes longer than you think it should.


oh thank you so much maggie these are both great i didnt think of swimming and i live in barbados my house is 2mins from the beach ;)

and i have a new camera to this is great


I would also suggest swimming. I have been on a regime of high steroids and put on 9 stone, yet I was still eating just the same amounts as before the steroids started. I have now reduced my intake and lost a stone and a bit. I also swim when I can and I am sure that this helps as the water supports my weight.

With Lupus it is also important that you do not over exercise as you can become exhausted, not realise it, and suffer later on. I know, I have been there !!


oh gosh yea i had steriods for that it doesnt seem to matter if you eat alot or not you still put on wieght.

i will try the swimming for sure thanx a mil.

and goodluck to you as well just keep at it dont give up


The best treadmills are very well-sprung indeed and far less of a strain on joints and lumbar spine than pavement pounding. Perhaps you should try another gym as speed-walking is a very effective way of toning, losing weight, a fab cardiovascular workout and greatly improves stamina. They also provide various levels of speed and difficulty which may otherwise be difficult to find outdoors - eg. "random hill walking" or "uphill only"- and results are swift. You could find that as your leg muscles tone and better support your joints, knee pain may diminish. There'll also be other gym machines you can use that don't strain your knees or what about taking a class? Pilates springs to mind as having little knee involvement, although that alone will not particularly help you lose weight, only tone .. water aerobics is another fab one and usually great fun. However, as Kentish says, important not to over-exercise! If you decide to try another gym make sure you're thoroughly assessed by a fitness instructor who'll be able to provide you with a safe workout plan specifically tailored to your needs and capabilities. 3 - 5 mins per machine at the lowest level of difficulty is a good starting point. Also, if trying a class, inform the instructor of any difficulties beforehand and skip exercises you know will irritate a poorly joint or joints. Whatever you decide, good luck for the quick return of your mojo ;)


thanx alot this is some good stuff i will check out a few more gym options as well think i have used the treamill before actually and to behonest it was alot better i jus got so bored cause i felt it was like the only thing i could do.

so now i have a few other options i can rotate them.

thank you so much


thank you to all of you ,you were all of great help i will start trying these new ideas out soon :))


Good luck with your exercise regime & hope it helps but no disrespect,be glad that even though youve gained weight,your still alive & have your faculties about you...lupus is a destructive disease & some people can barely walk & think straight let alone exercise you used to model,so it must be hard but lupus changes your perspective on life its not all about looking sexy & pretty its about survival


yea tabbie i totally agree with you since i was diagnosed i never let it stop me from doing anything i wanted to and i decided that now that im pretty much in remission to jump on it and get back fit and healthy before i have another flare up.

and as u said it is very destructive and my depression always sends my lupus crazy and if i dont like how i look i will get depressed and we cant have that so i figured this getting my sexy back plan was the way to go and maybe i should have been a bit clearer but its not just about looking sexy i want to feel sexy inside and out and i certainly dont, all i do is work,house work and sleep there is nothing sexy about that lol.

so because i always loved to exercise always made me feel like a new person thats why i need to start back.


Swimming sounds like a good option, if you are heavy there is no strain on your joints in the water.

Try the internet for swimming costumes.

I would love to swim in the sea!


This may help:


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