Post holiday blues

I have just come back from a week in Tenerife and had a great time. I am lucky enough not to have problems with the sun so have been laid out on a sun bed with a book for a week. Whilst there I felt "normal". No headache, vastly reduced consumption of painkillers, controlable joint pains...

Now I am home i feel c**p :( I have headache, brain fog, stiffness and am incredibly grumpy. Only thing for it is to go back......

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  • Aw sad for you dalediva, could be a bit of jet lag? I get that when I go up an escalator, let alone a real jet!

    Get yourself a sunlamp, a dishy waiter to serve you cocktails with large umbrellas, another good book & pretend you are still there. X

  • bless u but I know EXACTLY how u feel. I went 2 Tenerife last June (while in the middle of a flare no doubt) & good God, I didn't know myself. It was so nice 2 feel (dare I say?) 'normal' & happy!

    On return, it all started up again lol!

    I even asked my rheumy 2 prescribe a week in the Canaries 4 me every 6 months, explaining it was vital 4 my physical, mental & emotional health ( he wasn't convinced :( )

    I am determined that I will b returning this year 4 a week of 'feeling good'. Just wish I could have a sudden windfall as it's a lot harder going trying 2 save this year as this is my first year not working :( x

  • We should start a petition to have Tenerife available on the NHS for Lupus sufferers :)

    Yes, Sher t was great to feel "normal" for a week

  • Where do I sign?!!!!!!

  • Can I come? Xx

  • why certainly flossy1! Wouldn't a 'Loopy Lupoid' holiday b fab? We should storm Downing Street demanding prescription holidays lol! :)

  • You are all so lucky I don't do the sun as it makes me so unwell Before being diagnosed years ago when I used to go abroad I was always ill within a few days although even as a child I could not take the sun ,but my mum always thought it was because I was fair skin . So now it is Scotland for me every year. Even going on the plane is so tiring so I will just send you all my best wishes and Jealously be happy that there are some Lupus sufferers that can enjoy the lovely warm weather x

  • U could still come Voutton, I have some wonderful ideas floating round in this disorganised, manic head of mine ;)

    I was always the same & used 2 get severe sunstroke etc, it's only been the last few years that the photosensetivity issue seems 2 have disappeared. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I just find it odd but as u say, I consider myself incredibly lucky that I can enjoy the sun, unlike so many others :(

  • Thanks Sher but as much as it sounds fun ill have to pass but getting convalescence on the NHS sounds like a plan I'm sure they used to do that years ago Cameron Clegg and all the rest of them could give up their hols for one year That money would pay for all puppies for a week in Tenerife x

  • Sorry it was Luppies x

  • Glad 2 hear it lol x

  • Any information please from anyone applying to be put in a support group for ESA my benefits were stopped in December ,got yet another form to fill in now to go to Atos and yet again send all my medical statements causing more stress and more pain .Thank you

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