What cat?

Hi, all, I'm thinking of getting a cat. I never had a pet and my husband would hate having a hairy animal in the house but be that as it may, I'm still thinking about a cat.

Both my husband and I used to work very long hours and weekends, so we always said that it would be unfair to have an animal under our care if we are at work all the time but I've now stopped working (sadly), so I will have time to look after one.

Firstly, are cats ok for lupus sufferers? There aren't illnesses that jump from them to lupus weakened people, are there?

Secondly, how do I go about getting a cat, I.e. from where? I'm not sure whether to get a kitten or an adult cat, I'm open to suggestions!

Thank you in advance xx

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  • After years of pestering from my daughter we adopted 2 kittens last August from the Cats Protection League. They were weaned wormed and potty trained! As I work part-time and she is at college we got 2 so they could keep each other company. I only wish we had done it years ago, they are a pleasure (most of the time)

    Not aware of an health issues but they are good for relieving stress....

  • i brought one cat called fifi 3 years ago as a kitten form someone i know shes adorable and another just 2 years ago called daisy without them i would be lost although im young myself i dont get out much so when im alone they are my method for a great day its a great thing to consider and no nothing can get passed on my are house bound anyway i dont let them out they can get upto anything if thier outside like dieases and stuff.

  • You could consider adopting an older cat. They are calmer and struggle to get rehomed. A 'lap cat' would be great company. We have three cats and recently bought two bearded dragons. They are wonderful pets and love to sit with me in bed when I'm too ill to get up.

    Good luck. X

  • I agree with ALL the above comments. I always had two cats, my eldest died of cancer and then my eldest daughter brought a kitten for my youngest daughter to replace her father when he buggered off 12 yrs ago.

    We now have my old girl thats 12

    my partners gorgeous tabby thats 1

    and my Dads elderly ginger tom who is 17.

    Also got 2 dogs and a horse haha.

    So I am definately an advocate for animals in your life. They benefit your mind and body, stroking them definately reduces stress.

    Go ahead. A beautiful lap cat would be purrrfect x x

  • Cats are absolutely fine for those with lupus Purple so no worries there. I have an entire herd :) Plenty of homeless cats in animal shelters but don't forget about the breed clubs too - ie. Burmese, Siamese, Bengal etc. They do a fab job of taking in and rehoming displaced pedigree cats of all ages, which is why you'll rarely see any in shelters in UK. For great company, endless love and comedy value you can't beat Burmese. Whatever you decide, I'd definitely go for one with a short coat as the longer-haired do need a lot of grooming (and often don't enjoy it)! Let me know if I can help as I work with a number of breed clubs and rescue groups.

  • I'm a cat lover and until the end of last year, pets were not allowed in our accommodation, but as soon as we moved I went and got Minstrel and Midnight from the local shelter and have not looked back since. They are so loving and provide company in long lonely hours, and they are SO funny, I often find myself giggling at their antics. Go for it I say, you will probably find (as I did) that your hubby will end up loving them just as much as you do :) xx

  • Go for it Purpletop. Husband will turn out to be greatest fan .. None more zealous than a convert!!!

  • Thank you, everyone, I'm looking forward to having one, you just validated my decision. Hubby won't know what hit him!

  • I got my cat a year ago & she is great company. I used to get so depressed & lonely when my husband was on night shifts. Now I look forward to curling up on the sofa with pus & watching some good TV. She is so loving, & follows me around the house until she gets chance to curl up on my knee. She even tells me when it's time for a snooze in the afternoon. She can be quite bossy if I try to leave it too long. Getting her is the best thing I've done since I've been ill with lupus.

    She was 12 when we got her, so she's getting on a bit, but she's very healthy & strong. As purple-lou says older cats are calmer & more settled in their ways. My cat still has her crazy moments chasing leaves in the garden, or doing her cute act to get our attention by rolling on her back & showing us her amazingly fluffy tummy. But I begin to wax lyrical, it sounds like you are already convinced.

    Animal rescue centres have loads of lovely cats in need of a home & some tlc. They will be able to tell you the cats temperament & help you with advice on diet etc. I got my cat through an advert at a vets practice, her owner had sadly passed away. But I was able to speak to the family & find out her habits, & food preferences. The rescue will also have the cats health checked & make sure their booster are up to date. Some rescue centres provide a short term insurance free.

    Getting a short haired cat will mean less hoovering. My cat has medium length fur, but does not make a lot of mess. Grooming helps, if your cat will let you. I also cut out some squares of soft fabric to put over her favorite snoozing spots, so we can hoover them easily when they start to get fluffed up.

    I was worried about potential cross infection of diseases, but after doing a bit of research realised sensible precautions like hand washing & wearing gloves when cleaning litter trays, will prevent this. My husband was totally anti cat, but now he absolutely adores our little princess. He cooks her bits of chicken or fish separately to have as treats. She is spoiled rotten.

    So good luck with your cat hunt Purple-top. Cats seem to have the knack of keeping the worst ravages of the wolf at bay, or at least making us feel so much better when lupus is have a pop at us. Please let us know how you get on. X

  • I'll be giving myself a month or so to get used to the idea, read up on the different things needed, find a vet, etc. And convince hubby, of course, that will be a battle.

  • I know your thinking of a cat ,but have you considered a dog. I got a little Bischon frise they don't shed hair ,and they are a real lap dog,great with child,and it makes you have a walk and get out and about,as far as i know you could try dog rescue centres,.Good luck with your decision !

  • Hubby wants a dog but to me they are too dependent, I'm worried that I won't be able to take care properly of a dog. Cats are more independent and smaller too. My sister has a bischon frise and he is adorable but I still lean towards a cat. As for the walking, you're right, I thought about that too, it is a definite advantage against a cat's tendency of bringing live mice in the house!

  • hello purpletop, i agree with all above comments. we have t short haired tabby tigger whos 11 now and luigi a medium haired ginger and white mix. they both very different as tigs is very independant and only likes to be stroked on his terms and luigi lays flat on his back to have his tummy groomed and likes being blow dried if he been caught in the rain!! lol. of course i love dogs and have two little ones. animals ahve always been a big part of my life....go for it x

  • Go for it! A furry pet is the answer- they are good company, loyal, great for stress & blood pressure- i got a rescue dog 1 year after bein diagnosed wih SLE- she was great company when family were @ work/school- as i can no longer work -but the most important thing was it forced me to go for a walk everyday however crap i felt- and the rest of the day she sleeps next to me on the bed or sofa! Oh & yes my partner wasn 't in favour but he is now in love too! She has been the best medicine for improving my SLE! Let us know what you decide & how u get on!

  • No matter what you choose,it will be good for you,my husband did not want a dog and now he claims ownership of his new found friend!

  • I agree with Sheilainacton, a furry pet is great. We have an ancient cat (who doesn't do much but sleep to be honest!!) and we also have two ferrets - they make great pets, litter trained, like to be played with but also sleep quite a lot so you don't need loads of energy. Good luck with whatever you choose.

  • Hi there, I used to have a dog, it was a Bichon Frise that i got in London while i was there... he passed away, and i missed him so... so then i found out that i had SLE Lupus, and so then i went to a cat.. we rec'vd her for an anniversary present, now i have two a female and male.. love them!! I would love to get a dog again.. but the cats are much easier with having the disease.. we travel alot for business at least every other month, and i can leave them at home for 3 days and just have my brother check in on them. I miss them so much when i am away..and need them to get me thru the "bad days" since i dont know if i will ever have children, these are my children :) I live in the USA.. but i am sure you can get cats in shelters in UK as well.. some day i hope to return for a visit... Good Luck... i hope you get one (or a few!)

  • How about you & hubby taking a trip to your local animal rescue? Look at cats & dogs, & chat with the staff. They are very knowledgeable & helpful in my experience. Maybe that will help you to decide, & maybe hubby will fall in love with something adorable & cuddly. X

  • I had my first chat with hubby yesterday - he almost chocked on the apple he was eating. He said we can have a cat but not in the house, outside. Apparently his parents had a cat that gave him fleas and he sworn never again. I did say it was unfair for me to pay for his parents' failures but by then he was already getting really wound up.

    Oh, well, it was never going to be smooth sailing. I will wait few more days before I'm raising it again. I can be quite persistent...

  • flea prevention comes in all kinds of pills and sprays and drops. keeping those beasties away from living on your cat is easy these days........good luck x

  • yeh get a cat if your hubby doesn'tlike hairy cats get a rex cat they have wavy coats.

  • Ive been owned by cats for the last 22yrs, my best friends have 4 paws! Company, furry-purry musical hot water bottles, confidantes & comical (especially 2 together!)

    Hope you manage to talk your hubby round.xx

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