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A smile a day

A smile a day

I thought this picture might bring a small smile to all you wonderful lupies and friends.

This is ginge, our stray cat.... yes, stray

He started coming to us, a week after we lost our beloved dog scooby.

It took 3 months of hard work but we think he has finally agreed that we are ok.... lol

I know cats choose you and we are always surprised when he turns up, but he does help with keeping me calm when the anxiety takes over and always seems to turn up when he is most needed.

I thank the universe every day for sending me another animal that is prepared to be part of our very dysfunctional, unconventional family......enjoy. x

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Beautiful 😊

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Hi Mandy, this has made me very Happy, this sweet little ball of fluff, how absolutely delightful for you. It's very true what you say animals always turn up when you need them the most, they have that sixth sense, they know when your upset or down. 

My 13 month springer is going through a phantom pregnancy, she taking her toys under my bed along with a pair of my trousers and half a carrot (she eats one a day) but not really hungry, my last two springers did the same, I tried to work but she kept crying all the time so gave up to sit with her, she was happier when daddy came home.

Have you given your stray a name yet or is that it Ginge, I heard of a cat that had three different homes, maybe thought that it needed to share the love around.

Enjoy your little treasure.

Take care noonoox


Hi. No, thats his nothing else seemed to fit although he did answer to scooby (my beloved dog in pic) when he first turned up! And seems to do a lot of the things scooby used to do but that eased off after a few weeks....he seems happy as a

Good luck with your springer, it must be very confusing for them, I only had the one pregnacy myself and that was terrifying enough too. 

Have a good day.



Oh hes super cute ☺☺☺


Hi amandalilley

Lovely photo of Ginge and super story. Cats are very special and I hope he continues to help you thru the tough days for a long time to come. Thanks for sharingX

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We had a ginger and white Tom. He had the most fantastic nature and beautiful in every way. Treasure him.


Pets are just the best antidote to everything troubling I agree. Lovely cheering photo. X


He looks lovely.  They are a great comfort.  I miss my dog Holly who sadly passed in January. House seems empty. Would love another dog but I work part time & I have no one who could take them out for me on those 2.5 days. 

Holly was 17 when she passed & the last year or 2 she'd become a housedog due to her back legs being arthritic she didn't like to go too far. 

Looked into dog walkers but it's minimum of £10 hr which uneconomical on my part time wages.  May have to wait until retirement age 😞


I am so sorry you lost your beloved animal. We lost Scooby, see pic, he was 12 and my life and then ginge turned up.....very weird but delightful at the same time. 

We decided not to have another and to get my fix, I go to places, when well enough, or National Trust, where we know dogs are allowed and the owners are more than happy to share.... lol

I hope you find another wonderfu, animal to share you life with....mayb a stout like shadow

Take care, mandy. X


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