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Results !?

Hello all !

I recieved a copy of the letter for my gp .

All bloods came out normal exept slightly positive ANA ( 7 th positive ) low vitamin d and calcium, and my eye test was ... bone dry.

I am going back to st Thomas in march to discuss these results with dr sanna but i am doubtful that i will get to know what CTD i have ...... Any thoughts !?

Also i have a new symptom ...... When i get up every morning i walk like i'm drunk , my balance is all over the place! and every now and then my balance will go throughout the day ! anyone else ?

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That's good news about your blood tests. Your eyes test suggest sjogrens. As for the dizziness, mine comes and goes, particularly if I have a cold or flu. Mention it to dr Sanna if it persists.


Thanks Purpletop ,i will mention the balance thing to Dr Sanna x


I struggle with balance - dizzy most days on and off , esp when getting up/down. I have had several bouts of Labyrinthitis... luckily not recently, cos this is AWFUL.... but might be checking out the autoimmune Menieres too???? Worth an ask maybe?

Good luck


I too have balance problems I think.I just trip/stagger lose balance,people think I'm drunk it doesn't happen a lot but yesterday at work (pub) coming up from cellar I had to stop as went light headed/dizzy is this to do with balance.I know ears can affect balance and I get ringing in mine ?


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