Good day today?

Just trying to decide if today will be a good day or not. Luckily, most days are good days for me but feeling fairly sore today and don't really want to get out of bed. Still got lunch to look forward to with my grandparents who are celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary but it's also the 12th anniversary since my other grandad died so think it might be a day of ups and downs. Just got to get my positive head on and everything will be fine and of course "keep smiling"! :-)

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Absolutely! Today I've woken up and decided to smash through the haze, I find it's best to get up and get on before the beast wakes to zap my strength.

Have a great day with your grandfolks and hope it's not tainted too much by the sadness of your other grandad.

KEEP SMILING indeed!! It's the only way to beat this thing.

Alison xx


Hope it's a good day for you and your have a lovely time with your Grandparents, well done to them :) take care, Mandy x


Hoping you have a good day and wishing you a painfree day with your Grandparents. We all have our good and bad days and we understand where you are coming from. The majority of days I feel that I have no strength and definately no will power. It is hard sometimes to work through these eposides. Be strong and keep smiling, have a great time with the family. xxx


Hope you have a good day. I am just having my coffee and waiting for my joints to limber up so I dont walk about like a flat footed waddling duck lol.

Sue x


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