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Good day today!

After a day mostly spent in bed yesterday with what I thought was going to turn into a major cold, I woke up this morning feeling great. Spent the day doing housework, washing, visiting grandparents, shopping and my favourite ..... Baking! Made banana and chocolate loaf, chocolate Florentines and also made red pepper and chilli soup, Italian soup, jelly, mousse and both mine and hubby's lunches for tomorrow! Unfortunately can't eat the baking as cakes and steroids equals more weight gain!! Hopefully won't suffer tomorrow for being extra busy today as working all day. Hope you have all had as good a day as me and if not hope it wasn't too painful.

Keep smiling everyone

Sharon x

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You certainly made the most of a good day Sharon, all that cooking!! I hope you see more days like that :) Must admit I havent suffered flu and laryngitis like I used to since I've been treated for Lupus....Take care..

Chris xxx


I don't have many bad days luckily Christ but beginning to feel bit crap now. Went to chemist and they insisted I go to docs do got appointment tomorrow. Think I might have to eat the baking to cheer myself up! Xx


How did the app go Sharon?? Hope you're feeling better today x


You made me smile with all that baking......


Wow you were busy. Hope you are ok later. I love baking too, but you are right if you eat it you just gain even more weight.xx


Not doing too good now Linda but don't think it's anything to do with yesterday. Looks like this cold is going into something else. Mum had had something similar since Christmas do it was only a matter of time. See what doc says tomorrow. Trying not to eat the baking to cheer me up as want to lose weight before I go back to renal clinic in three weeks! Hope you are ok xx


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