Chest Pains

I seem to have too many chest pains that occur quite often it almost feels im having a heart attack it feels quite tight like i have someone tightening a belt round my chest. I dont no what too do about them i cry everytime they come on. Does anyone else get them like this and what should i do (my rhuemy is no help and neither my GP to them its GENERAL LUPUS)



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15 Replies

  • hi metoyou

    does the pain go into your throat tounge or down your arm?

    i have heart problems

    with me it starts in the tounge and goes down ward into the chest and round the back like

    i have a fist in my back.

    have you seen a heart specialist?

    are you having the pains at present? xx

  • Hi MTY (haha)

    i agree with Nicky and honestly with how you explain it I would definately go to your GP and dopnt let them fob you off!!!!!!

    It may be stress, as that is the very worst of anything that anyone can suffer from xx

  • Chest pain needs a trip to A&E either by Ambulance which is advisable or get someone to take you.

    Then they can diagnose your problem, if not your Heart then perhaps they could give you some stronger pain medication

    I had a heart attack with hardly any symptoms

  • I had this ages ago also was feeling sick went for test they found I had a hyetis hernia since being on domperdone I've had no chest pains x

  • Hi there. I get this a lot. In my case it as been diagnosed by my Rheumatologist as Costochontritis which is common in lupus patients. It is inflammation of the connwctive tissue that joins the lungs to the ribcage and can at times feel like a heart attack. Please google it and see what you think. And anyone else with ribbcage pain. Its one of lupus's unpleasant manifestations. It sounds as if the doc has already excluded the heart. To put in perspective I was one taken to hospital with a bad attack of Costo which felt like a heart attack. Do your research and if it feels right your Rheumatoligist will know of it.npresent your case!!!! Take care. Xx

  • I used to get chest pain b4 was diagonised with lupus, I went to the hospital where i had an x ray and there was a build up of fluid around my heart. Not trying to frighten you but maybe you have the same problem

  • I've got costo-chronditis too & the pain is there most of the time. The first time I had it, it was so bad I went to A&E. Fortunately all the tests came back OK. Now I accept it as another unpleasant aspect of lupus. Ibuprofen is a great help if you can take them.

    As sarah said this is common with lupus, but you should get it checked out. There are other ways that lupus can effect the heart & lungs, so these need to be ruled out to be on the safe side.

    Best wishes. X

  • Thanks everyone,

    Previously i have had numerous ECG's and only been diagnosed with tachicardia i used to have a rapid heartbeat but was told this will go away due to just being diagnosed with lupus and will all the stress and shock so okit did seem to go away. But i have been getting chest pains ever since i had lupus its become a day to day thing i dont get it everyday but i will get it once a week. Not even a normal person will complain every week about a chest pain. Before i mentioned it, and they thought the chest pain had something to do with a blood clot round my lung but no nothing found there. The area depends sometimes in the middle of my breats or underneath my breasts but never near my throat.


  • i had those pains gp was hopeless said it was nothing, i collapsed the same night in agony and i was taken to A&E, the doctor there told me it was skeletal muscle syndrome, not a lot you can do about it, painkillers help, but not to stress to much either, if you panic it increases the pain.

  • Hi, I have chest pains the majority of the time and it was diagnosed as costochondritis, its very painful and very scary, but I think its always worth seeing a Dr about chest pain. If it is costochondritis you need to tell your Dr how often it re-occurs, they might look at your meds


  • Me too. Had my Lupus for 21 yrs had chest pain now and again for all these yrs I too was told it was intercostal pain. It doesnt worry me now as I am so used to it, but I know it can b very scary for newbies. Get it checked out tho`. But try not too worry too much as it is probably same as me and dumpypug. It did concern me in the early days as I am a runner, haha thought the old ticker was about to give in but I`m still going x

  • yep i have it to, it was what started this lupus diagnosis off for me. the pain I had came out of the blue, one minute getting ready for work, next pain in chest and near collapse.

    PLEASE, PLEASE GO TO A/E if you have chest pains, as an a/e nurse, its far better to get checked out asap, once there an ecg and blood tests including a cardiac specific blood test will need to be taken, in my hospital its called a troponin or tni, we do one on arival as a random, if its already elevating its indicative of cardiac origin, then we do one at 12 hours as thats the peak time for the troponin level. there are very many causes of chest pains, do not ignore symptoms.

    I have had chest pains prety much constantly for the last 7 months, worst is actually the spasms and i have been in on many occasions.

    metoyou take care, get checked out x mark.

  • Thanks again people, your all so kind it is very scary for a newbie but im only 18 and im scared even more. But iblock it out because people say its just general lupus even my rhuemy is the same as i said iwouldnt complain about it every day but at least once a week or so im sure of that it lasts about 10 minutes but may come up again later in the day. My next rhumy appointment is at st thomas lupus unit on the 16th may way to long to wait and they cant give me sooner and i feel like im wasting time going to a&e because they say theres nothing wrong my ECGS are fine.

    I even had one ECG fitted for a day and that still came back fine (puzzled)


  • Hi there cant believe so many get this, i also suffer chronic chest pain, i think its inflammation of lining of lungs as my back hurts chronically too. Just to take a deep breath is painful, it feels like a belt tightning around my chest? Ive had ecg's, xrays, scans, seen heart specialist and yes it apparantly is another chronic symptom of lupus/connective tissue. Although very debilitating and scary!

  • First of all I would still get this pain checked out if it's worrying you - the GPs at the moment seem to fob everyone off it would seem. Sometimes we just have to go to A&E - you're not a time waster so please if it doesn't get any better just get checked out.

    I have got chest pain at the moment too - and I'm not sure what it could be this time either. As some of the others have said, it could be costochondritis which is much more common with people who have lupus and associated conditions. Mine radiates out from the edge of my right breast, around the back into the shoulderblade area sometimes, and into the shoulder itself. . . that's why I don't think it's anything heart related this time although as it's lasted for about a month now I'm wondering whether a visit to the walk-in clinic or A&E is called for. I've tried ibuprofen and aspirin this time and neither have had any effect.

    About 2 years ago I was admitted to the cardiology ward as I did think the chest pain I had was a heart attack (the docs thought I had a pulmonary embolism) . . . however, it was something called pericarditis which is inflammation of the sac around the heart. Again, it's often seen in lupus patients. The pain was really bad lying down and felt like my chest was being crushed - it hurt to breathe in deeply too - the pain eased off when I leaned forward and this is characteristic of pericarditis. The treatment was simply ibuprofen which seemed so pathetic for the amount of pain I was in at the time!

    Have you called NHS Direct on the phone? I think they would probably tell you to take yourself to A&E but at least it might put your mind at rest that it's OK to do that. Please let us know how you get on x

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