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Chest pains

Hi I haven't been diagnosed with lupus, but my bloods are borderline and I have a lot of symptoms.

I'm slightly panicking because I have had chest pain for a couple of weeks now, and it's getting worse tonight. Don't know whether I'm panicking over nothing and it could be muscular pain or if it's something more serious!

Does anyone else have chest pain?

Thank you


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Hello Sophie,

Chest pain is a nasty thing to have - and often frightening.

However, there is no way that anyone here can tell you what is causing your current pain. Obviously, some possibilities are minor, others serious.

*You really should call your GP - the out-of-hours service if necessary* to get this sorted as soon as possible, if only to put your mind at rest.

Failing that, if you are in the UK, ring the 24 hour NHS 111 Service and see what they advise.



Please ring 111 as chest pain should never been ignored.

If you have been waiting for a duty doctor and the pain worsens then get to A&E as quickly as possible, even if this means a 999 call.

If you do nothing tonight then I urge you to get an emergency GP appointment, but you'll have to be up with the larks to ring or attend the surgery as soon as it opens because the spare appointments go really quickly!


Hi sophie, I havent been diagnosed yet but I also get bad chest and rib pain, its very scary. I hope they sort it out for you. I have been tokd to wait for MRI appointment x


You should seek medical attention. But don't panic. I have had chest pains and shortness of breath a few times and it turned out to be severe acid reflux.

Hope it turns out to be nothing serious.


Thank you everyone for your replies. I managed with the pain and I have booked in the doctors today to see whats up!


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Hi Sophie,

I am sorry to hear about your chest pain pains. Don’t hesitate to visit your GP if you are worried about this and also to talk about any further tests that could help narrow down your diagnosis



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