Chest pressure

Anyone have chest pressure, discomfort. I get this occasionally, and feel like I am going to have a heart attack. Broke out into a sweat too...feeling better after awhile. Is this just an anxiety attack? Feel like I just got exhausted. Trouble cooking dinner. And what to do when husband has a migraine all day and needs attention? I can barely take care of myself and my children. I feel like my husband is a third child . I know he works very hard, he is a carpenter, but I feel bad when I can't help him.

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  • This sounds like a text book Panic Attack. I have them on occasion, and they really have ALL of the symptoms to indicate and tend to occur when you are under stress...

  • Could be...I am having a hard time taking care of everything yesterday including the kids

  • Might be a panic attack but I used to get those during the night in the early hours.It felt exactly like a heart attack and I was faint and grey with pain up my left arm and jaw.After a few dashes to A&E they discovered it was a coronary artery spasm and has now settled with the medication they gave me.Although I don,t think there is anything to worry about I would mention it to your G P.I also got a crushing feeling in my chest at the same time and irregular racing heart beat.

    Hope you feel better soon,it is so hard keeping going when you have a chronic illness and most folk out there think we look OK which makes it even worse!! C x

  • Felt like I was up all night worrying.

  • I would see your Gp as soon as possible if you have this feeling again call 999 the paramedic can always examine you and decide if you need to go to hospital.

    It's not worth taking a risk, definitely see your Gp today, you have got to take care of yourself too

    I had a heart attack felt exactly as you describe, don't leave it please.

  • Just called GP and nurse told me to go to ER...

  • Hi,

    I get these as well and have had them since I was about 14 (I am 26 now). When I was younger they told me I may have angina, but recently (over the past year), my GP has lumped it in to my Lupus symptoms. I was given a chest x-ray in January of this year to see if I had any inflammation around my heart or pleurisy (inflammation of the outer lining of the lungs). People with SLE are highly susceptible to both of these symptoms.

    I get pain in the left side of my chest a few times a month. It doesn't matter if I am laying down, making dinner, or reading a book - it happens. I've never had it happen when I am particularly active though. The sharp shooting pain lasts for about 30 seconds - 1 minute and then goes away over time. It 'takes my breath away' and I am unable to inhale during the onset of the pain, but can over time as it subsides.

    My GP wasn't too worried about it. I was make an appointment and ask for a chest x-ray to see if you have any inflammation.

  • Hi UN1000..I get the same pain once in a while, had it only last night, exactly how you describe it!! I was thinking indigestion but I've no idea what it is....bit of a relief to see someone else talk about it...

  • Chest pain with sweating and exhaustion - go check the heart. Do you usually have panic attacks? If not, go see a cardiologist. Women's heart attack symptoms are not that easy to identify, best to be on the safe side. An ECG would usually show if anything wrong is happening. A heart CT or MRI would show previous heart attacks, if any. The cardiologist can take it from there. If all clean, then at least you know.

    As for hubby, I know what you mean about wanting to help. It's just sometimes you need help too. In those situations I would try and accept the situation and either eat out or get something already prepared in so you don't have to worry about cooking dinner. And leave washing and ironing and cleaning etc for another day, focus on giving moral support to both yourself and your husband. We can only do so much while we are feeling rough, it's a fact, not a whim.

  • Thanks for the kind support...I didn't even have the energy to go get take out. I may be going over to the ER right now. I do have problems with anxiety, but I also have been having trouble breathing too...

  • After I started on azathioprine I had several attacks of what my GP thought was angina. The pain was so intense I could not even get to the telephone a few yards away to ring the emergency services. I was sent for treadmill tests etc., but I stopped having attacks and no-one found out what they were. I'm now on mercaptopurine, and never found out if azathioprine had anything to do with them.

    I agree with daisyd that you should see a doctor as soon as possible to rule out anything that needs imemdiate treatment.

    Good luck!

  • Tightness in my chest wakes me up in the night sometimes, heart going like the clappers and sweating but I have asthma.

    Before it was diagnosed I up most nights like a headless chicken thinking I was going to die, imagining all sorts until a diagnosis was made. I had a really bad attack one morning getting out of bed and went to my gps the same day, I came home with an inhaler. I've since had 2 updates on inhalers and its much more under control. I still wake some nights with the tightness, not always sure its asthma and I think I learned a pattern of panicking for such a long time it kicks in straight away...and of course the SLE although the consultant said it was nothing to do with that..I'm not convinced. My face is bright red, I'm sweating, my legs feel like they're on fire and my chest feels its being crushed...

    I suggest you see your gp and get some advice, maybe some medication to help. I have amitriptyline these days to help me sleep and they are brilliant at helping you to relax :) I noticed it especially in my chest...wish you well

  • Thank you everyone for such valuable insight. I feel like a fool walking into an ER, but thinking I should maybe check. I have to pick my kids up from school though, so I may wait till then...hope it's nothing serious.

  • If the Doctor told you to go to ER you must go, is their anyone else who can pick up your children,I don't want to worry you but it is important, don't feel like a fool, you can't diagnose yourself.

    I didn't think I was having a heart attack was very embarrassed when had to go to hospital, but I am here now to prove it, I was only 52, I have hughes syndrome to it was caused by a clot

    Please let us know how you get on

  • Hello Natura, you hopefully have been seen by now, as daisyd said you might have Hughs Syndrome, this needs

    treatment, even if its daily aspirin. I hope you are under a rheumatologist, if not, you need a referral. Please let us know how you got on. Good luck

  • I can get this when I forget to 'breathe' properly - it is important to take deep breaths from time to time as shallow breathing can lead to chest pressure for me and damp weather affects it, too. Try to breathe down to your abdomen from time to time and see if it helps - just 3 or 4 can often help me. Stress causes shallow breathing, too.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • I did not go to hospital. I cancelled my rheumy because I thought I was doing ok with my natural healing. I am taking an enzyme that is suppose to keep my blood clotting normally. It is not a blood thinner. I have trouble taking deep breathes because I think I have a hiatal hernia. I had a breakdown at home today with my kids giving me grief with homework and assignments. I was planning on moving, but have calmed down. Will not leave my kids. I am emotionally exhausted from all this work on trying to keep healthy by myself. Could someone take care of me? I am afraid to go to bed. I have so much anxiety and worry going on I think I need to see a psychologist. Can't afford because of my terrible ins, high bills, taxes, etc....the reason I want to move, but can't convince my husband and kids to move. I don't know what to do anymore. I think the chest pressure is stress....pretty sure of it...very expensive to live in NY. Especially on one salary...i can't control anything in my life ....that is why I am breaking....

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