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Wrote a blog for the first the time EVER and got responses!!!! So So sorry to hear about your pains but in a crude way you have helped - you allknow who you are! I have felt alone for so long but knowing that normal, articulate, people are in the same unfortunate situation gives me the kick up the butt to get on with it! Yes its rubbish and yes I wish I could go ice skating with my girls in Manchester but walking to the rink will tire me out! Had letter today from disciplinary about attendance! My arguements.they knew I had lupus when they employed me, made me manager, I stepped down cos of health. Have hospital notes for EVERY missed attendance.......can they sack me cos I am worried sick? As a manager we couldnot join union and when took demotion, never persued it. should i now do so or sit pretty (with my so attractive lupus rash)

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I would certainly recommend joining a union now as they are unlikely to take you on in the midst of a dispute. (when you most need them) You may want to do that before taking out a grievance against your recent disciplinary. If you you prefer, you could try a more subtle route by calling Access to Work. This is a national governement scheme which may offer an assessment of your workplace. Your employer will then recieve recommendations for any necessary adaptations or adjustments. Access to Work will often cover any costs eg. they provided me with an ergonmoic chair, split key board, a foot rest and in addition I requested flexible working etc.

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Definitely join the union, I am a nurse and in the RCN union, they are helping me a lot cos I have disciplinarys from HR about attendance cos I have so much sick leave, think they will try to get rid of me before long but at least with the union on side I will get best package available to me.,

Good luck




Do you have a Legal Aid advice agency near you or a Citizens Advice agency.I wish i could advise you but,I can't.Good luck.



Even if you are not in a union, ring ACAS they will give you great advice.

Good Luck. :)


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