To all of you :)

I would like to start by thanking all of you Who have read my posts and helped me, your advice gave me the strength to confront my symptoms for What they are and get help. Your on going support has helped me so much recently. All of you compliment me On my honesty and You say the nicest things to me that I honestly end up welling up! I hope you all know How strong and wonderful you really are and if no one tells you that every day they should. Thank you so much for everything you do, I'm looking forward to chatting a lot more, hopefully for nicer reasons than before lol. Wishing everyone a good week and lots of loubie cuddles! Which iv been told make pplz day :P

Xxx loubie xxx

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  • You are very welcome loubielou,i rant away all the time on this site and get so much support ,its so sad we cant all grab a coffee together ;(and i think being honest with how you feel is the hardest and bravest thing ,it took me over ten years to tell folk exactly how i felt ,and we dont always get the response we feel we deserve but ,at least they know how it is.take care ,brave;))

  • Hi Loubielou, you are indeed welcome, you have opened your heart up to others and that takes courage and is endearing. I hope you get all the help you need to make you all better xxx

  • Hi Loubielou,

    Yoor honesty has touched me and helped me to see others face the same problems as I do and that has been a huge help to me and others .you are welcome to our help rant away my friend its good for us and support for you is here open your window and you will hear us rooting for you Ill have a coffee and a cream cake tomorrow and think of you.

    Bless you Judithxx

  • Thanks for your cuddles, & right back at ya loubie. Take care of yourself. X

  • Thanks Loubielou, Cuddles back to you ..for being you. I told my husband to tell me how wonderful and strong I am ..and he just did. ;) Let's keep it up ..the ranting. xxx :)

  • You all deserve to be told How lovely you are, and if you ever need a chat feel free to drop me a Message :) xxx

  • Keep strong.. We all need to lupus is an uphill battle we need to stick together

  • Bless you Loubie and much like the others, you are more than welcome!!!!!

    its a sad thing that we have only got in touch with each other due to this bastard Lupus, but it makes me feel good inside to know all of you

    Good Night, sweet dreams and may tomorrow bring us all some light relief xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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