Purple bruising on hand

Have cTs in both hands but worse on left and waiting to see consultant.got home from dog walk -despite wearing gloves-had unexplained purple bruising on swollen area of palm.gp is referring me but should I see him re swelling and bruising as although acknowledged in the past no reason given.it is not fibro and. I believe it to be lupus or acromegaly as was suggested by another member?

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  • Could be a low platelet count? Red/purple bruises(petichi) from bra straps, slight knocks, and tiny red dots all over my legs is how my diagnosis started. Had a platelet count of 1. I would get checked out.

  • Thanks will do when I next see my gp.have had bruises on my upperchest in straps area too.

  • Hi.don't know what my count is.what is normal count?

  • My version of this is called "paroxysmal haematomas" by my drs. I've been getting this in my hands & feet for years, and I wonder if possibly mine resemble what you're describing. Mine have reduced in frequency since adding daily myco to my treatment plan last jan. I understand that in my case these tissue bleeds are mainly due to my ehlers danlos type hypermobility. But there is also aschenbachs syndrome that causes these in hands particularly. I do have a just below normal haematocrit reading in my monthly myco bloods tests, and my platelets are v low normal. No Dr has ever suggested I have fibromyalgia.

  • I have had this for years and it was suggested it was through steroids but I had this before I started taking steroids

  • Me too: I had it way before any oral steroids & any topical steroids too

  • Yes, my doctor said mine was due to the steroids thinning the skin.

  • I have lots of other symptoms as well painful joints rash on my forehead and under my eyes I also bleed for hours from a small cut to name a few this rheumatologist told me all the symptoms of taking steroids I have COPD but all the symptoms started before I took steroids

  • I had bleeding like that after dental extractions. My homoeopathic doctor prescribed phosphorus in a potency right for me and I didn't have any more occurrences after once taking it - amazing!

  • Are you on Plaquenil? Apparently Plaquenil affects the way the platelets work - the number of platelets may remain within range but still have bruising. I find, however, that I get bruising when I'm in a flare, or coming up to one. They are awful bruises too, particularly on my hands.

  • Hi no I am not.my gp has never prescribed me anything other than paracetemol and more recently codeine.

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