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as dawn approaches i find myself yet again sitting on couch wondering where this is all going/heading at stupid o'clock in the morning.had a lovely night with grandkids went to bed telling my son to wake me if i don't hear them getting up as tablet i take has been making me lie in lol.been up since 4.50 with pains and twitches in muscles.i could'nt lift my grandson last night to put him in his cot,i'm new to all this so please tell me i will still be able to play.lift.cuddle and have my grandkids overnight cos to hell with lupus/auto-immune disease if it thinks i'm giving in to that it,s got a helluva fight on it,s hands.x

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  • I have four grandchildren. When they were babies i could pick them up, but not as they grew bigger. However, i can still play with them as long as i don,t have to get down on the floor. They are instinctively aware that there are things i can't do.

    I've had many, many happy times with them and family such as, holidays, parties and days out, meals out and i hope many more to come.

  • Sorry Melinda I was a bit grumpy this morning,I know I will still have fun times with my grandkids just gets to m ,e sometimes x

  • I know how you feel. It grieved me that i couldn't look after them in the same way i could my own children. Take care. x

  • HI, I have one five year old grandson and like Melinda said things like getting down on the floor/lifting can be difficult more so when in a flare up or not on the right meds. I am learning to think in a different way now though such as what CAN I do with him and the list is endless......give my time/watch dvd's together and share humour,bake cakes, read together, time to chat and listen and encourage him to dance, have a coffee/drink together. Infact I don't think he has noticed I am ill because of this. Sometimes I just say I am not that strong and he just kind of nods. He tells me I'm the best (he's a charmer already) so try not to despair you will have so many qualities to offer:) xxx

  • Try mstr I do know no matter what I will have quality time with my grandkids it's just been nearly 4 months of pain and misery and I know I'm not the only one and things have been hell of a lot harder for other people and I'm not even sure what I've got and this not 1st time looking back but it's the 1st time had everything together.find it hard to explain sorry x

  • i've had aches and pains now and again and rash always ignored them or just got on with things.this time is different as i have all at once x

  • Aw, I'm sorry that you have it all happening at once, and hope that things ease for you very soon. I know what you mean about wanting to do more with the grand children and it is so frustrating. I do understand what you mean and really hope things ease for you very soon xx.

  • The thing is lets, autoimmune conditions r the absolute pits & it's a case of trial & error in finding out what meds r worth taking as we all react different 2 them, for example, I no longer take ANYTHING 2 help with my lupus as everything I have tried has given very little relief with sh*t loads of horrible side effects so have essentially made me feel worse. For the last God knows how long I have been just using pain relief as 'treatment' 4 my lupus & all my other ai crap. Ok, could b a different story in a few months/years whatever, but 4 now, this is what works best 4 me.

    Hopefully, the Doc/Rheumy will b able 2 find something that suits u're body & don't forget, some of the meds can take months 2 kick in. Good luck.

  • Ty everyone and I am hoping it's not lupus and something really simple to treat x

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