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Has anyone had children or are children of parents who were diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

I am just wondering if it is in the genes now. I have 3 girls all now in there early 20's and 1 been diagnosed over a year , 1 in the process of been diagnoses and the other has had the systems over 2 years but just doesn't went to go and find out. But the lad reasonably OK , just the heart side showing a present with him.

But the grandkids have started already with signs .

Just wondered if there is anyone else or am I just totally unlucky.

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It's interesting, I believe Autommune disease can be genetic and if it's under that umbrella of diseases then it could be worth checking.


I don't know if fibromyalgia is proven genetically but my mother, daughter & I have it. As to heart issues there is a proven genetic link. In my family there has been both my grand parents on my father's side, my father and myself so far. I suggest for all of you to have an active lifestyle & follow a healthy food plan of low fat, low salt, and low sugar.


My daughter is 39 yrs has got fibromyalgia which she has had along with Non Hodgkin lymphoma, scrogens, and chronic fatigue for 10 yrs. Her eldest daughter who is 11 yrs has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue which certainly seems to tie up with her mum's illness.I'm really sorry to hear about you and your daughters. I hope you find some help. Maureen


I have fibro and my sister has it. I don't think fibro is classed as autoimmune but there are many autoimmune disorders in my family. Lupus, Graves, Thyroid, Menieres, ME. I have suspicion my kids have signs of fibro but hopefully I'm proved wrong.

Ive been told by a neurology consultant that fibro is not genetic when I posed the question but science is learning all the time and who knows, it could change.


I know what you mean. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

But in my view , its got to be in the genes . I have a large family and to say that we are the Doctors worse nightmares . Anytime we have tests they all come back inconclusive or totally wrong to what they should be.

It took them over 10 years multiply heart scans , ecgs and only after a major stroke / heart attack and a big complaint when a consultant told me that I didn't have a heart problem they found heart spasm after an Anigagramme .

So who would like to think that their siblings have inherited it. I sit and watch my grandkids now complaining about their legs hurting when they are playing or walk short distances and they are only 4 . I wouldn't mind if it was just because they were tied , but you can see the pain they are in.


I'm not a doctor, but was a biology major in college. Took a genetics course, and you can also see from what others have written ..that genetics plays a role. That is why I am trying to keep sugar limited to my girls, teaching them a healthy lifestyle with exercise. Although they don't exercise, I hope by example they will begin someday.

My 15 year old has a torn meniscus in her knee in every direction, shoulder popping, jaw. She did get lymes when she was 2.

My mom died from colitis and her liver went. My dad I believe had Something going on and didn't know it. I remember him telling me he had a lot of pain inside his body.

I have cousins and aunts that have iron balances off and kidney, brain and bladder cancer. One of my cousins shouts to me, I don't have it. She exercises in her 70s in a gym. Interesting?

I find it interesting that someone mentioned hormones. I believe their is a hormone imbalance, and I wonder if there's a connection there. I told my daughters pediatrician about my lupus, and should I worry for my girls. He said they will be alright until they reach their 40s. What kind of doctor would say that and not test for something. I had to insist on a blood test for her finally. They found her iron and Vit d low end, but again, within the parameters of normal so they say you're fine. Ugh!!!!! She is taking vit d and iron with a multi and fish oil and seems to be doing better.

We need to continue with researching this disease!!! Stay strong!

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I have heard that these diseases show up in females more often than males and there are studies that suggest the "error" is part of the female DNA. Some chromosome. I would have to find the article again.


hi im called permanent growing pains because thats been me since as long as i can remember

always in pain double jointed as well muscle spasms in calfs all the time after walking

twisting two ankles at once hips i could dislocate and pop back in at a whim mum always said growing pains but im 62 and still have them but now all my joints ache and spasm

has ME 34 years ago and never quite recovered always physically weak exercise always exhausted me and caused more pain . now diagnosed with fybromyalgia and early onset arthritis . my father was always complaining of pains as he got older he was to drunk to complain when he was younger lol . my mum aways took paracetamol frequently but never said why granma was alway wrapping herself with thermogene capsicum wool and rubbing with radium b and sloans liniment and laterly deep heat transvasin etc so she had something to0 .

so yes i do think its familial . ruematologist just litened but said nothing just diagnosed me with the above issues .

also have damaged discs but thats another story re an accident

i just have a life of pain in whatever i do .

kind regards

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The names keep changing, depending on the century. If you watch Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge your hear some of the older names. My mom complained of traveling arthritis in her late 30s and early 40's.


my granny called it rhuematics

i dont know if she had the same as me but i do remeber her not having any peripheral pain sensations ie if she burned herself say on the oven door she didnt feel it but she had joint tendon pain all the time weird

she never had internal apin so she suffered a burst ovarian cyst and a completly disitegrated gall bladder but had no pain it was only because when she ate an orange she would be horrible sick and she also passed black blood that it was apparent something was wrong

we though my dad was imaging his pains here and there as he never had pain in the same area twice so i dont know if it was fybro

granny def had a rash sometimes like a butterfly over her cheaks so may have had lupus but never diagnosed

im in a sort of permanent flare at the moment

so getting quite worryed and feel like im going to be lke this forever


I have lupus and FM (and other conditions), my twin sister had the same, my younger sister has lupus and her twin (mum had 2 sets of twins) he has M.E. weve been told they are closely related conditions of the immune system. my mum has always been poorly but lupus tests are always negative?

I too worry for my children as I wouldn't want my worst enemy to have what we have.

hugs to you and your family xx


I was at a function and heard a woman say that she wouldn't wish her MS on her worst enemy. Interesting.


I have fibromyalgia diagnosed in 2007 ..

My 17 yr old son was diagnosed on Monday & my 19yr old has a lot of the symptoms

It is a horrible illness that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy never mind my children 😥


That's how I feel , but I can see the signs in the grandkids now . But to say that my son in laws mother has fibromyalgia has well make the grandkids most un lucky .


Can anyone though some light on to the victims D. Importance. I've read it a few times. Just that its something else they tarden me with. Lack of it but have to kept out of sun because of skin problems.


Homeopaths, physicians, and others state that it helps the body absorb calcium. Since it is a vitamin, I think it is available in foods but I'm not sure which ones.


There is some relationship between Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and SLE. All show up more in females than males. They are all autoimmune diseases. The Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia used to be thought of as all in your head. Unless I'm mistaken, it is only recently that they have been considered diagnosable diseases.

I believe the arthritis primarily disfigures the joints, the Fibro, attacks either muscles or tendons (soft tissue), the chronic fatigue slows the body system down and the SLE can attack anything at any time.

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