Tumble Dryer :0)

I now have a working tumble dryer, yay! The engineer turned up 2day & managed 2 sort it all out so luckily, I didn't have 2 threaten 2 spike his coffee with warfarin & hold him captive, nor did I have 2 storm 'Curry's' & stand in the middle of their shop floor ranting & raving at them all, which I'm very relieved about as 2day I have a bitch of a 'lupoid' headache going on & I get really evil when I have them, but hey, at least 2nite I can dry my washing without resorting 2 stick my 'smalls' on the radiators ;0)

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  • Lol:) Good to hear, I think you should have a drink to the tumbe dryer as it's a good excuse as any:) xx

  • Hmm, I like the way u think mstr, don't mind if I do :0) x

  • Yay, good news :-)

  • Oh yes :)

  • Happiness can indeed be ..a working tumble dryer. Cheers then! :D

  • Especially when the weather is absolute shite :-)

  • Couldn't agree more Sher, It's been awful most of today ..couldn't even hear the TV without putting the sound up earlier. I may just put my tumbler on for a bit tonight ..just because I can. ;)

  • So can I now :-P The weather has been like a monsoon crossed with a Tsunami 2day! My cat literally blew in the door earlier lol!

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