Rocking it 2day :0D

Ok, things r looking good 2day (although 2morrow could b an ENTIRELY different matter as u all well know!). After a crap nite's sleep (yet again!), headache still there this morning but 1 of those one's that could go either way so popped a couple off pills, told the kids 2 b as quiet as mice & thankfully, the head seemed 2 drift away. ! kid at school, the other home sick (so she says but she still managed 2 wolf down a pasty lol!). Took the guinea 2 the vets, came home & did a little housework, walked down & got a few bits from the butchers & apart from tendons/ligaments/muscles being absolute sods (as per chuffing usual) & walking like a corpse, I'm feeling ok dare I say it? Yay!


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  • knowing my luck it won't MandieR, but thanks anyway ;0) x

  • Woohoo!! :-) good to hear you have had a better day, hope it continues!! :D xxx

  • :0D x

  • Wow! what a difference a day makes. Soooo glad today has been better for you. You are a strong lady and take it as it comes, and you dont let this illness control you. A strong positive attitude. Well done you. x

  • :0D x

  • Good to hear:)

  • :0D x

  • I think actually being free from headaches (even if it IS just 2day) has helped loads ;0) x

  • Great hearing your better today, long may it last for you. x

  • Thanks Lucy-may. Have had an urging session this morning so I can add a strained stomach 2 the ligament & muscle pain 2day but the bonus is no headache which pleases me immencsley :0) x

  • Whoop whoop good for u .... hope today ur feeling great too. If u feel up to it come and help me paint. I did too much yesterday and hurt lol x

  • Sorry jemmy, painting aint my thing. When I painted the kids' room I got so frustrated that it wasn't getting done as quickly as I'd hoped so I ended up throwing the tin at the wall lol! I still expect 2 do things as well & as quickly as I used 2 cos I'm a stubborn mare! Make sure u take it easy 2day ;0) x

  • That's great progress, just try not to over do it, pamper yourself with something, I'm always starting to look at shoes and handbags (online if I am not fully functional). I don't always buy stuff but it makes me remember that I used to look pretty good and weight gain doesn't affect what handbag I can buy... Fingers crossed this phase holds on.

  • Love it! Just taken some Oramorph so hopefully my joints, muscles, tendons etc with loosen up enough 2 let me make pasties 2day. They bloody better do after I went all the way 2 the butchers yesterday 4 my meat! I know what u mean about the weight gain, I'm having 2 shoehorn myself in2 half of my gear at the moment due 2 the weight gain & no matter what I eat, it doesn't seem 2 change. We'll get there eventually ;0)

  • on a slightly different note, I can only look at my shoes now, can't wear anything other than boots now (and even then it can't have a heel) since I had an op on my foot 3 years ago 2 repair a damaged metatarsal that was yes, caused indirectly by the lupus so party time comes & I've got on my dress with bloody great Doc Marten boots! I don't care though, I'm comfortable & that's what counts. Plus my other half things I rock anyway ;0)

  • oh you do know how to cheer us up Sher:) Why not let us see you in your top gear?

  • will c if I can dig out some piccies ;0)

  • :)

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