available help for disabled ?

I felt really down today , thinking about my life / job ;(

As i sat in my dressing gown , i thought about my job .

Before i became ill , i was already in the need for a change but was going to wait untill my children had left school. But 6 mnths before my daughter left , i became ill so a more meaty job took a back seat, i needed flexibility , working term time still, anything to basically make my life easier, and i have recently reduced my hours so i get a day off in the week.

But today, i felt useless , and my job is physically getting harder and harder working with children 2/5 yrs.I need a change for myself and for my illness' I feel trapped as i am not qualified to do anything else !

I wouldnt mind working with older in a school but i still dont have the qualifications needed but i would love to learn something new in a job that isnt as physically demanding ! i dont stop at my job !!!! and can no longer get up and down from the floor !!!!

Does anyone know of any help out there for the disabled to retrain so they can stay in work ?????? sorry for moaning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Larissa - I am in the same boat. Lost my job last Summer while in the middle of chemo for lupus neprhitis. I have taught in universities since 1989....

    I am going to look at the third sector - like me, I am sure you have many skills that just need to be re-directed. Try googling Voscur. Good luck!

  • Thanks Maggie, I

    Its an awful feeling isn't it !? I feel i am just going through the motions!

    And you are right , about having transferable skills , thats why it is so frustrating !

    I will try Voscur, good luck x

  • Hi, sorry to hear your struggling! I have to say, having worked with older children (in year 4) that it is also physically demanding and mentally demanding! Admittedly it was in the role of teacher (trainee) but never the less still demanding on a teaching assisstant! Sorry to put a dampner on your idea :-( I am in my final year of a teaching degree and yet don't know if I can even manage to do my final placement, never mind the job afterwards! Rheumie has already advised that if I do go ahead with it as career that I only do it part time. Could you maybe look at working with adults? Take care xxx

  • Thanks megs , I know there's a lot of moving around with any age but thought maybe it was more so with little ones !????

    I dont want a job sitting down cause i think its good to be active , but ofcourse in moderation / ?

    oh help !!!! i just dont bloody know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bleep bleep!

  • Oh theres certainly more moving around with the little ones hun, however the older ones there will be a lot of sitting down in not so comfortable chairs supporting the children in their learning. If you suffer from brain fog then this can be awkward when you forget how to spell etc.

    Is your nursery attached to a school? Maybe you could go in and see if you can have some experience with the older ones? Experience the day in a life of a teaching assisstant? They do a good job, but a difficult one. They don't have the paperwork of a teacher but do an awful lot. Photocopying, cutting and sticking (using scissors is a killer for me!) , putting up/taking dwn displays, supporting the teacher in lessons by supporting individual children/groups. This is just a few of the jobs. Do you have like an nvq or anything? Just if you did you could maybe get into it this way and school could put you through more training? Xxxx

  • Hi again megs!

    I have a Diploma ( level 3 ) but no teaching assistant qualifications and dont have any experience witth computers if thats needed ?

    I have skills 1and 2 in counselling and done a year with Mind also ( voluntary ) and have always worked with people !

    Unfortunately , i am in a preschool so not attached to a school ;( xx thanks again x

  • Hmm that could be enough hun. It is worth looking into. Maybe try the careers advice service? They are very helpful and I am sure they could tell you what qualifications you would need or what other careers you could have with the qualifications you already have. Let us know what you decide to do :-) xxxx

  • Hi Larissa,

    I am a qualified teacher and I taught for 7 years. Then I had children and worked around them (playgroup, piano teaching, translations...). Now I am a teaching assistant in a secondary school, I love doing it when I feel well but when I don't it is very demanding and stressful as well. But I could not cope with teaching anymore.

  • I am glad you are doing a job which you enjoy , thats very important.

    I think any job can be hard when you're not well,we can only do our best but i know its not easy x

  • Sorry to hear you can no longer manage teaching. It is such a demanding job. Shame I have spent nearly 4 years of my life training to be something I now can not be :-( xxx

  • I feel for you, as managing a job with lupus is hard, but a physically demanding one like working with littlies must be really hard! I agree that you probably have many skills that are transferable, can you look at your futher education college for training courses, there are some good courses in teaching in the adult sector or teaching assistant. I too have always worked with people, now teaching adults with learning disabitiliy, it is joyfull but any job where you work with others can be tough to manage with lupus. Best of luck xx

  • I will keep exploring my options , thanks x

  • Hi Larissa - what about taking a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course then teaching privately? I know these courses are available on-line and classes much in demand. At least then you could pick and choose your hours. Just a thought. Good luck! x

  • thankyou x

  • Very good suggestion. Infact my disability support advisor at uni suggested such a career to me as I know teaching in schools is too much for me. She said a lot of students now want to learn english and they can be taught through skype etc whilsg fhey are still n their home countries. This sort of job means you can work your job around you xxxx

  • i went to see THE SHAW TRUST....job centre plus should be able to out you in touch.

  • Never heard of this! I am just on my way out the door but will definately have a look later ! thankyoux

  • Ooo very interesting! Thanks for sharing :-) xxx

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