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Pictures of swollen fingers

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Hi me again so I will post some pictures of my swollen fingers .

Itches and looks like something inside but I know there’s not and it’s possibly the inflammation but does anyone know what it could be


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Thank you !

Still haven’t seen a rheumatologist yet but once I show my doctor these pictures I think she will ring and tell them they need to try and hurry my appointment .

My friend said looks like hives ? It’s gone down now and doesn’t itch .

Seems to happen sometimes after cooking and eating but I’ve had blood test for allergies and all okay .

I can cope with it on my fingers but I just need to know exactly what it is x

Thanks for your reply

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Yes I’ve had raynauds and wear gloves when I’m outside so I understand x

I’m actually feeling a bit down due to personal issues and I think that’s causing these problems as I’ve had stomach pains and now this .

Very hard to switch off and probably because I’m scared as I have no answers to what is wrong with me I know I could be going through worse but it’s so difficult not knowing why this is happening x

Thanks for being kind and replying x

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I get similar symptoms to this and have just been told it is Pompholyx eczema. Steroid cream is helping!

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I've gotten hives like this on my hands. There are many food additives in packaged products that you won't have been tested for and may eat unless you cook everything you eat from scratch.

Could also be something you're exposed to or inhale like soaps, perfumed or cleaning products or molds.

Try taking a quick acting antihistamine like childrens liquid diphenhydramine--benadryl and see if they go down. That works best for me to take hives down quickly. You can take the pills but they don't work as fast as the liquid. Cold water run over the hives also helps the itching.

It takes a lot of detective work to figure out what you've been exposed to that is causing them. Read all food labels and think about what you've handled before it happens.. for example even touching a moldy onion skin or kitchen sponge can do it if you react to molds. I learned I had a problem with a common food additive, inulin (made from chickory), which causes me to break out in hives but it took me a while to figure that out.

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Thanks jacky I was thinking the same not hives probably more what you have suspected I have took lots of pictures and I’m going to show my doctor.

I can’t see it being an allergic reaction must be like you said as I do have raynauds x

Thanks for being helpful I always feel better when I am on here

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I have Raynaud's as well as lupus, and have had vasculitis, but can tell when it is allergic hives because they itch like the dickens and rise up quickly.

It is very common with lupus to get multiple immune system reactions, including hives/allergic sensitivities, Raynaud's, eczema, psoriasis, fibromyalgia etc. So it is important to get the doctor to evaluate and don't assume anything.

But if the itching rises up quickly, I'd try oral antihistamines/allergy meds to see if that helps, because they calm down the immune system which is responsible for multiple types of immune responses.

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Looks like hives to me.I get the same especially if my hands are cold and then warm.It's a very intense itch!

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Natz36 in reply to yz8182

I don’t get it all the time and I’ve seen pictures of hives and it doesn’t look like it .

Will just check with my doctor thanks though x

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Hi jacky spoke to my doctor and she said definitely sounds like vasculities because of the raynauds she’s booked me in for next week as she’s away on holiday now .

Thanks for your help .

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Look like mine the red bits are they slightly raised ? This is how my hands started still have the raised round looking areas at base and sometimes itchy but swollen tight fingers , that bend sideways and twitching in little finger. Sometimes hands difficult to use. Sorry I have no answers as no answers to my own but hope you find answers sooner than I have 🙏 best wishes

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