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Panda Eyes

I still don't know what the deal is with the panda eyes we get from time to time.

I woke up this morning feeling fine (slightly dizzy but, hey, can't be too picky) only my eyes are gone deep in my head, there are dark circles around them and I look as I haven't slept for few days.

This is one of the aspects of lupus that when it manifests it makes me think that despite the blood tests being ok and the body not aching, lupus is still doing something, tough no idea what.


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I've got those all the time. Sometimes they are dark circles, & others they are red, like a vampire. Thank goodness for cover up! And they just haven't invented the right blood tests yet. There are probably lots of little, subtle things going on in our blood that technology hasn't caught up with yet. Can a lupie please have a big win on the lottery or game show & donate it all to research so we can move forward a bit with the research. X


You made me laugh, people winning at lottery will spend it on a bigger house and better car, not donations, even if they are lupies! Speaking of research, I'm following up the work the Alliance for Lupus Research is doing in the US, v impressive. Every time I'm feeling down with this illness I go on their website and look at the latest clinical trials, makes me feel like something is being done, even if in the US and not here. Check it out at

Going back to panda eyes, I don't use foundation usually, never did but it looks like the time for Touche Éclat is rapidly approaching!


Slap it on babe! I couldn't go out without mine, I'd scare the neighbors. I scare my hubbie, most of time as it is. Re lottery wins, I'm ever the optimist.

I will definitely look at the research you mentioned. It would be good if you gave us updates on here too, as I find it hard to read lots of info these days. Concentration levels not good. So nice to chat, though.

Take care. X


I'm cautious about updates - many people chose not to know much about this illness or what's going on in research. But if there is appetite in this community for a simple summary, I'll gladly do it.

Right, I'm off to order some concealer now! x


I too have this look all the time and after attempting creams and lotions have eventually realised that I require a cover up!


Yep, the time has come but I'm reluctant to pile on stuff on an already sensitive area. I will probably keep it for when I get out, hubby can cope with seeing me 'as is', poor guy.


I too had the dark panda eyes in the early days of my lupus. I finally sussed it out thru my research into nutrition and health. It was a sign that my liver (detoxing organ) was struggling to detox all the drugs I was taking. Since I got off the drugs and got fitter and changed my diet. Hey presto no more panda eyes. Yipee and I have never worn makeup. `orrible stuff.x


That's really interesting lemonface. I've had panda eyes long before I was on any meds, I'm careful with my diet & exercise within my limits. Obviously not as much as you. But the liver things makes sense, as my ALT tests regularly comes back raised, even pre-lupus diagnosis. This seems to be quite common with lupus, according to what I've read on here, but I will definitely bring it up with my rheumy. Thanks. X


Roobarb and Lemonface, I have elevated ALT and Gamma GT without any apparent reason too. My hepatologist and my gastro specialist have checked everything about the liver and the gallbladder and found that my gallbladder doesn't empty properly, which gives me tremendous pain in the upper right side of the abdomen sometimes. They aren't sure if that is because of lupus or unrelated. Given that these tests started to become elevated about the same time my lupus symptoms started to appear, I'd say they are but what do I know, I'm not a doctor.

But, if this is what causes the panda eyes then at least I know what I'm dealing with. It is more worrying to me when I look like this but don't know what lupus is doing in the background.


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