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High expectations

Well how bad do I feel now. I'm meant to be in work today on my phased 3 hours, as the extra carer on just to get back into it all. The Deputy manager's just text me and asked if I'll do 2-8!?! To be honest I think I've skipped up too much from 2-3 hours as it still leaves me absolutely exhausted and I end up sitting for about half an hour after before I drag myself home :/. And if I covered there would be no extra person.. so shift would be a lot busier!

I feel really bad and don't want to go at all now because I've text and said I wouldn't be able to manage it.. so don't know if they've got cover or not. But whichever way I'm going to have to leave before everyone else and leave them busy if they haven't got cover.

I'm surprised they could ask me actually.. I wasn't going to be going back up to 6 hours again anyway because it was way too much but my very understanding manager has now left while on annual leave and we've got a stand in until we get another. I haven't had chance to speak to her yet about my hours and what the agreement was so don't know what she'll suggest/think.. but I thought everyone else understood how things were and how work affected me :(((

Going to hate walking into that building and everyone judging me :(

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I do sympathize as I have experienced similar situations when at work.

I believe that your phased return e.g. 3 hours would have been based on your occupational health report. By expecting you do more hours, your employer may in breach of Health and Safety and possibily Equalities legislation. If you can't get through to your stand in line manager, who could be ignorant of the facts surrounding your phased return, it might be worth having a word with your HR department.

Good Luck.


I haven't actually been through occupational health this time I've been off sick, although did the 1st time I was a few years back. Since then certain manager's have just been very understanding (we've gone through a few.) I don't know if I'd have to go again?

I've agreed to go in as they say I wouldn't have to do much, they just need the staff in the building.. we'll see when I get there :/ but yes I think it's time i definately made time to sort it out with the stand in. Just got really upset about it all and started worrying!

Thank you flutterby.


I also sympathize, it took me 18months to get what I have now, which is a 12 hour a week I work Mon,tues and Wed 4hrs a day. If I things are bad mon,tues or wed I can do thurs or frid. I had 3 occupational health reports each one more daming than the next.At the begining my employers did not understand SLE but has times gone on they understand more.The biggest worry was the loss of money from 34hrs to 12hrs got used to it now I cut my cloth to suit with a little bit of help from the DLA. My health is much better only working a few hours but I feel that I still have a little bit of indpendance.Good Luck and try not to worry (I know easyer said than done) x


Did you have occupational health reports every time off sick or did your manager just request them?

Yes I too worry about money, I'm getting income related ESA at the moment and the little bit from work, dramatic change in spending the pennies :(.

Hopefully this problem won't occur again after I speak to the manager but she might have a completely different view on it all to the last one.

Definately wasn't one of the best shifts. I ended up doing 3-8 but didn't get a proper sit down til gone 7 because of short staffing on the floor. I just kept trying to keep going, exhausted.. and crying in people's rooms.. I should've let them see so maybe then they would've understood how hard it is for me. Could probably tell from my red eyes though!

So today I'm left exhausted with aching legs and sore feet. Definately a day in bed. Sorry, that's my rant over!

Thanks bettie, I'll try. I'm pleased you got yours sorted after so long. Must've meant lots of added stress. That, we don't need!


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