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how many people on here lets have a list to look at have the following list answers

1 redhot feet that feel like they are going to burst then go normal again and have some little sores on

2 wake up sweating in the early hrs and cant get back to sleep

3 have any small red spots on hands when pressed go back to red emidiatly like inflamation

3 pains in knees or like knee not tracking right under the knee cap

4 cant walk verry far due to feet hurting cold or red hot

5 have any bluring vission

6. any people who have lower back problems but not enough to give violent pain

7. reynolds problems in feet.

8 feels like they have ligament problems in knees ankles.

9 feel dizzy some times under a flair up

10 feels like they are going to fall over walking

11 any with ringing ears.

i know this is a lot but lets see how many people relate to any of these symptoms.

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Can I just say yep and some.

If you've read any of my previous you will have found,apart from me being a bit off with the unicorns nutty, I also have RA,sjogrens,Eds,Crps,Fibro plus other stuff aswell as SLE so it can be difficult to work out which symptom is caused by what.All so very similar.

Pretty much like a box of bits auto jumble where you know its Yam or Bsa but which model?overlapped on different years .

Raynauds ,erythomemyalgia, - cold hot burning

Sweating- dysautomnia

POTS - Blood pressure drop/postural drop

Vertigo - Dizzy off balance

Tinnitus - ringing or sounds in ears

Tendonitis -inflammation-pain aching knees ankles back etc

All of the above can be and have been associated with lupus + other auto immune/connective tissue disorders.

Add to that Gastric incufing ulcers ,Fog brain,blood clots,seizures,strokes,lung probs,cardio,peripheral nerve pain,Tmj,hearing loss,rashes,blisters,ulcers mouth ,nose and down under ,depression,chronic fatigue,light sensitivity,costochondritis,pleurisy,kidney melt down ......

Hek the list is hu flipping mungus!

These illnesses just don't play nice.

Also they normally wait until you are conned into a false sense of okayness to sideswipe you 😡with a new or more aggressive symptom.

So as above YEP!

Darn it that reads a bit like war and no peace or a Haynes manual😆

Oops well you did ask😉


many thanks for your reply i gess you are right does this mean you cant walk? at all i have been free fo 4 years now all has come back to haunt me red hot feet are the worst and it all started with what i thought was a sprained ankle then to knee then to back with ringing ears and bad night sweatting

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I have a short routine of daily stretching exercises which stop the tendons tightening and becoming fibrous ,wear boots that support to above the ankle and some cool robocop/tombraider type knee braces.

So physio,orthopaedic and orthotics are best people to ask for advice etc (rheumy can refer you )

I can walk short distances but have to stop regularly.I have a "smartcrutch" which causes less strain than normal nhs ones but as can only use one due to brachial plexus and Crps😣 in left arm so using crutch adds to back pain.

Had a manual wheelchair a few years ago to get me longer distances then improved then went into flare and now can't use as would go round in circles

Auto trike for bad days😕 and Emf auto clutch on 1100 virago for better days😊.

Seriously if you are struggling again ask your rheumy or gp to refer to a specialist physio,orthopaedic dept who fully understands both RA and SLE as its as much about tendons as joints.


Yes, me, too, and lots more, although symptoms can be transient, some for day/days, others longer.

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i can relate to all of them but doctors dont wont to know at moment am fighting pip got to take it now to tribunaral all this stress does not help wish i knew a way we could be heard nice to know i not alone with all these problems




I have some but, not all of the issues that you named. I also have some issues that you did not name. It would be to long of a post to go into detai.

I'll end on this note, it is 3:45 AM where I am in the U.S. And I'm wide awake and can't go back to sleep!



"The Barefoot Gardener"



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