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How many of us have a healthy diet?

By this I mean eating natural and un-tampered with food and drinks. When I was first dxd 21 yrs ago I looked into subject and made a few changes. over the years have added in more changes for the better and I find that my energy levels have improved so much. I wld be interested to find out what everyone else is doing and how their energy levels are.

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Hello lemonface

Well eating healthy is a must but i tend to eat what i want but avoid things that cause a flare up (alot of food does for me) but most importantly i excersice to keep myself fit, healthy, energetic and a great stamina maintained. I do have a treat now and then though i guess everyone does lol. But i do feel energetic most of the time but suffering with anemia i cant stop myself from geting extreme fatigue once in a while.



I have changed, totally altered, tweaked, added, removed and everything else in btwn. NOTHING makes a blind bit of diffrence tho.

I am as exhausted after 8 hrs sleep as i am when i dont sleep at all.

When I was dxg 1st. 11 yrs ago i was a single mum with 2 young kids, had 7 jobs over 6 days and cared for my mum and i never felt this exhausted


over the decades i tried to eat sort of healthy. i just got worse & worse, but mostly it was i guess relatively mild SLE, aside from big flares which meant hospital. then, with menopause all my depts got gradually worse and crisis hit, me at rock bottom during perimenopause, say 20 ish years ago. my pain specialist suggested an anitinflammation diet and supplements. i researched, then committed to that whole hog not cheating for 2 years. then was able to gradually relax the rules enough so i felt as if i could have some fun now and then eating what everyone around me was. but i have strictly kept up the supplements. then, finally my apparently (my rheumy says) lifelong SLE was recognised and i started plaquenil 400mg daily. well, all my drs & alternative practitioners say probably the diet & supplements have been and are helping. and plaquenil has taken the edge off many of my pain symptoms, but only reduced my fatigue a wee bit. and i no longer have much urge to eat processed food at all, inc refined sugar and carbohydrates.....i think metoyou has put it in a nutshell. all i could add, is that for me, healthy diet has definitely become much much more important from perimenopause onwards...i'm 60 this year.


Just recently I have been following a 'eat clean' program! It involved just eating natural, unprocessed foods - no sugar, no processed carbs and no diary! It sounds dreadful I know! However, I been doing it with a young lady running her own business called Your final fitness - she provides the recipes and online support through Facebook! The food is good and I feel good too! I've been having a flare for at least 12 months and have been feeling like its not really worth getting up in the morning! Life has been horrible!

Since following Laura's program ive lost 1/2 stone without really trying and while on steroids. She also provide a daily exercise program to do! It does that a shift in attitude towards food and some of the breakfasts are very odd but I would certainly recommend 'eating clean'!

Good luck everyone!



Hi Zoeblu like your blog, have tried different things but am not good at sorting out a healthy diet, am afraid to go on steroids as I am over weight already. I find I am not to hungry but like to pick at things through the day, it was good to here someone was getting it right, good luck Kath


My rule of thumb is, if the food wasn't around 100 years ago I'm not eating it. Far too many additives these days! People with SLE invariably have extreme sensitivities to both drugs and food!


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