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i am 22 and have suffer sle and nepthritis now from thhe age of 15, i have been working as a caree assistant and work 12 shirft 3days 1wk and 4 the next.....i have my good and bad days but in a bad day i am usless with will hold me bad from work.....i was woundering could any1 tell me if i should or is it worth the hazzle to try for working DLA......the days i cant attend work puts affect on the bills that have to be payed.....dont want to appli 4 working DLA to be turn down and feel im getting punished 4 having an illness cause thats how it feels CAN ANY HELP ME ANSWER THIS X

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Hi Jodie,

Im not gonna lie to you, it took me over a year to get the lowest rate of DLA & a further 6 months to get higher rate of mobility & middle rate care allowance, I ended up at a tribunal & also had a DLA Dr come to my home - its not easy, can be stressful but in my case, it was worth it. I would say, do not give up, thats what they want you to do!!

Please don't give up, if you have a good GP, ask him to write a letter for you saying how much your illness is affecting you

Fingers crossed for you

Trace x


To be honest Jodie if you apply for D.L.A while your occupation is a carer you will be turned down regardless of your illness, they will see it as 'if she can care for others, she can care for herself' it happened to me, i worked in a nursing home, it got to the point i was wanting to get into their bed's! im the same as most people on this site, i got turned down at first, then got lowest rate care after a tribunal, its taken 9yrs to get motobility & middle rate care, i had to give up work 4yrs ago, if you can fill in the forms as if your at your worst ever & dont let them know what job you do, you have a chance, but never give up, they do this to put people off, keep trying, you will succeed in the end!.xx


Found this answer interesting! I also work as a care assistant and can manage doing things when I haven't got a fever flare up.. But when I have I can be ill in bed for months. I've too wondered if there'd be any point in applying in the future as they would see I could handle things and care for people on some occassions, even though hours have been reduced :s And bloody hell, 9 years is a long time!



I know a nurse who works full time, she suffers from back problems and she gets DLA.I get DLA it took a year, so it's worth trying. Good luck:)


Hi there i have had SLE since i was 16 and i am now 36 i get good bad days but as for working i had to stop as i was having more days of than i was there. I applied for DLA 3 times before i got it. The best was is to get citizen advice to do it for you it takes a while but it helps.


HI Jodie, I too have Lupus, Reyanulds and APS. After a bad bout in Hospital and operation and getting over it etc. it was suggested I apply to help me get around.. I also need help with shopping but am able to work as long as I'm in doors and don't have to travel on public transport..I applied, they also wrote to my Gp and was awarded the higher rate. When it was time for renewal they again wrote to my GP. he has been a great help in confirming the condition and I now have the award indefinately, so don't give up. It is really worth trying and I wish you luck. Keep well


Hi dont think about it go for it you will have to give so much information but if you gave a good gp and have all your medical notes to provide for proof of your illness you will get it. The thing is that the form is very long and so many details to fill in get help to fill it in propley from someone you knows about these sort of forms as i was not sure about some of the question. I got indefinaltey award, frist time when i filled in the form but i got help from a friend who knew how to fill in the form, which helped because if had done it myself i dont think i would have got the higher rate pay, i am now working 3 aweek as a nurse, which helps when ihave bad days i dont have worry about bills as i have money from my DLA to help me, so go for it dont let the form put to off, good luck


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