Can anyone tell me if you can claim DLA and work part time aswell?

I have had Lupus for 13 yrs and have been taking Hydroxy for the same amount of time.It is under control and have not had a flare for a long time, thank goodness!

On a good day, I can work, walk short distances, minimal housework. but on a bad day, I can hardly get out of the chair with pains in my joints and very bad fatigue. I am unable to do hoovering, cleaning for any length of time and have severe weakness in my muscles in my hands.I am seeing a rheumatologist and she thinks I am doing great because I havent had a flare in so long.

I just wondered if I would be eligible to claim DLA?

Any advice would be great. xx

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  • You can claim DLA, DLA is not only paid to people on Benefits, it is paid to help people with disabilities to try and continue a normal life, so being long term ill makes you eligible, apply and dont take no for an answer. Look for my post on Equality Act, some interesting reading. Message me if you need ant more advice.

  • Thanks Peter :)

  • Hi Dee34

    Yes you can work and claim DLA. I only work 12 hours a week now used to work full time but it got to much.Good luck with claiming, if they say no appeal.

  • yes you can its a 'non means tested' benefit which means any other income does nt affect it

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. I have been thinking about doing this for a while, but because my symptoms are not severe, I didnt think I would be eligible to apply. But I will give it a go. Thanks again! :)

  • I get the lower rate and work full time. My Dad is my carer and bring me to work etc as there's no way i'm safe to drive by the end of the week.

  • yes you are and why you haven't been claiming it I will never know.

  • I have been on incapacity benefit for some years after years of struggling to work. Ther is no way I could work (I am 54) no two days are the same. I have had two small strokes and suffer with constant infections along with the pain and tiredness that you get with this horrible illness, saying that I try not to dwell on it and remain fairly cheerful, I have today received a letter to say they are going to reaccess me to get me back to work. I have to fill in a form first and then have an interview but who by. Not many people understand the illness is so unpredictable. Feeling worried I can't do without the money. Can anyone help with suggestions to help fill in the form. Thanks all

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