Cough / cold virus like I've never had before

Started last Thursday with a tickly cough, Friday much the same, seemed to ease over the weekend, Then Monday morining started coughing correction hacking for England, virtually non stop, for 48 hours, Went to Dr's yesterday, and had complete check up, no chest infection but very painfull ribs , whcih dr said was pulled muscles between the ribs, everything else checked out ok, but have been given course of antibiotics, I have never had anything that has made me feel so grotty or so totally exhausted, not even the lupus flare ups.So tired as not sleeping for mor than 30 -45 mins at any one time day or night, because of the coughing, haven't been to work and wont for the rest of the week, had shower today and thats still feels as if done hard days work.

Guess worse because of the Lupus / RA, but have never felt so tired and run down

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  • Hi there,my daughter was feeling like you are,a few weeks ago,she is also asthmatic,she went to her g.p who said she had a chest infection,gave her antibiotics and 12 steroids a day,2 days later she felt really rough,right chest,went back to gp,who sent her to A.E,she had a chest xray and turned out that she had pneumonia,yet more antibiotics and steroids upto 20 a day.

    Luckily now she is feeling much better,but now always has to be aware,since she had had pneumonia she is at risk of a chest infection ending up ad pneumonia again.

    So be really careful,my daughter's doc didn't know she had pneumonia,make sure you look after yourself.

    Take care Sandy.

  • There seems to be a pretty nasty summer flu going round at the moment. I have had it for over 2 weeks now, been on antibiotics and still struggling with a hacking cough like you describe. Quite a few other dog walkers near me have had the same thing, so I think although the Lupus can make things worse, some viral infections can be nasty and take quite a while to clear even when you are well. Take care and I hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi thanks for replies, will take one day at a time and hope the coughing starts to slow down a bit

  • Hi, I know how you feel. I started with cough on first day of hol in July ( was it flight airconditioning)? It just developed into a viral infection which has taken a good month to improve. Still getting horrible cold sores and getting tired easily. Maybe just the kind of summer it is as not this bad usually. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi, No haven't been on any flights / train journesys or long car journeys, air con has been on and off at work, Luckily no cold sores (but wont speak to soon)

  • I have had something like this and understand there is a virus going around. I was on two courses of antibiotics and a course of steroids and it gradually got better. Hope you get better soon.

  • I also had something like this, as well as severe exhaustion, the persistent coughing caused lacerations on the back of my throat resulting in bleeding and croaky voice. I had a milder form only two weeks previous, but this time had to refrain from work for 7 days, the doctor just told me to drink water and take paracetamol neither of which helped. I have now been back at work for three days and the cough has returned!

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