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Biotene Toothpaste???????????

Hi all<

I went to pick up my Biotene toothpaste on prescription from the chemist only to be told that this toothpaste/medication has now been put on 'hold' indefinately due to the costs??? Must be NHS cuts. The pharmacist did contact the supplier to try and get more info - but know joy. He also tried to get me an alternative. Can anyone advise a flouride toothpaste for dry mouth suitable for Lupus/Sjogrens.

Thanks, Lulabelle x

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Hello there

I've been using biotene products, but not prescribed by NHS (I didn't know the NHS would prescribe biotene!). And only 1 local chemist stocked bioten - Several weeks if not months ago, their supply dried up: that chemist told me biotene had availability probs.

So I went online and found good availability of biotene products at E.g. This week i had 2 big bottles of dry mouthwash delivered. I don't know what the story is behind this supply glitch....but my local chemist was vvvvv interested I could get biotene online - We wondered if amazon suppliers have hoarded quantities of biotene products. And the chemist wanted vvvvv much to know how much I was being charged for biotene product online (it is always more expensive than normal dental/oral over the counter products, I find.)

Sorry, but I know of no alternatives to biotene products! And I have searched for alternatives. So I'm curious to see what replies you get

Meanwhile, good luck!


I work in a dental practice & the biotene rep comes in with samples. We don't sell it ourselves, but if you contact your own dentisit they should be able to put you in touch with a local rep. Good luck. X


Hi Lulabelle

I have Sjorgren's /SLE overlap and been using Duraphat 5000 toothpaste twice daily and Bioxtra oral gel at night. You can get both of these on prescription which is cheaper than purchasing it from your Dentist. Drink plenty of water in the day and avoid caffeine and fizzy drinks which should help your dry mouth symptoms. Hope this helps. Take care.


You need to get advice from your dentist about your level of dry mouth and your decay risk (which may be high) and what combination of the following stuff is advisable. You might need to be seen more regularly than 6 monthly if this is the case (ask about recommended recall intervals).

You should be able to get a saliva substitute and high fluoride toothpaste from your GP or dentist (eg Duraphat 2800 or 5000 dependent on age). Don't rinse after brushing.

Alternatives to biotene (gel seems to be the best) are available eg AS saliva orthana but some can be prescribed by a consultant only - ask for one with xylitol in it (biotene has it, not sure about the rest )

Biotene samples are very hard to come by at present outside of hospital.

Chewing a sugar free gum for 15 minutes can help (preferably one with xylitol in it)

GC tooth mousse may be helpful but it is not available on prescription and is relatively expensive (from your dentist) but not if you have lactose allergy.

If you don't have a dentist get your consultant,GP, nurse specialist to refer you.


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