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Unfair NHS or government jobs worth !!!!!!

Does anybody else think that it is unfair that lupus is not recognised as a condition where you can get free prescriptions. I'm on my medication and will be for the rest of my life. If i wasnt on it all, I'm sure I'll be six foot under. My boyfriend gets free prescriptions as he has thyroid problems yet I have to pay. I do get the twelve month prescription card but it just really pi##es me off that some people get every thing for free while others work hard for a living and the arsehole of a tax man and the thieving government take your money and spend it on themselves. Ahhhhhhhh rant over !!!

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Hi there,I have to agree with you,its really annoying,my hubby and 4 adult kids all have asthma and other illnesses,they all pay for the 12 month card,I get free prescription for 5 years as I am a cancer. patient! Aren't I lucky,NOT! I get no extra help what so ever,I get free parking when I go to the mcmillan unit,but for the many other hospital appointments I have had, I have to pay to park.

We have a weird way of looking after people who work but are suffering life threatening diseases,makes my blood boil.

RANT OVER! Sandy....


Hi I agree but there are many conditions that do not give free prescription, like MS. I do not think this a just system and do wonder who comes up with the arrangements.

I thankfully do not have to pay but I have had an ongoing condition since I was 13 and no one told my parents that the medication was free, I continued paying until I moved to the midlands ( I used to buy the one year certificate too.) Then some kind person at the PCT told me that I didn't need to pay. All that time and at least three prescription items!!!


Hi Ladies,

YOU CAN GET FREE PRESCRIPTIONS FOR MED'S FOR LUPUS! I take alot of medication 11 tablets per day. Access the DWP website and request Medical Exemption form. This will be sent to your home - then take to either your Rheum or GP who will complete and sign. I get all free prescriptions (and i work) as I am exempted from paying due to my Lupus condition.

Lulabelle x


Hi Lulabelle,I have just looked on the dwp website and it says nothing about lupus,maybe you are exempt due to another condition and not lupus,maybe I dm wrong,but lupus is not on the exempt list,Sandy.


Hi Nanny,

Sorry about my late reply - I have Lupus and Sjogren's syndrome. I was diagnosed with Lupus in Oct 2010 after being critically ill with multible organ failure and in intensive care. When I was discharged from hospital I was on 30 tablets per day. Prior to being admitted I was in ful time employment and obviously could not return back to work for sometime, but could not claim benefits. I was recieving my wage each month from work and I am on high rate of DLA for mobility.

I queried this charges of the prescriptions due to the amount of med's that I had to take at my out patients hospital appointment and it was one of the Rheum nurses who informed me of the medical exemption certificate.

i contacted the DWP - but you can request the form online and they posted out the medical certificate to me. This was taken to my GP who completed it on my behalf as Lupus which is a degenerative and chronic condition and I was awarded exemption for 5 years.

Please see note below from their website:

You can get free NHS prescriptions if, at the time the prescription is dispensed, you:

are 60 or over

are under 16

are 16-18 and in full-time education

are pregnant or have had a baby in the previous 12 months and have a valid maternity exemption certificate (MatEx)

have a specified medical condition and have a valid medical exemption certificate (MedEx)

have a continuing physical disability that prevents you from going out without help from another person and have a valid MedEx

hold a valid war pension exemption certificate and the prescription is for your accepted disability

are an NHS inpatient

You are also entitled to free prescriptions if you or your partner (including civil partners) are named on, or are entitled to, an NHS tax credit exemption certificate or a valid HC2 certificate (full help with health costs), or you receive either:

Income Support

Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

Income-related Employment and Support Allowance, or

Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

Even though Lupus is not listed - the form it's self does mention more conditions if my memory serves me correctly. But the GP has to justify why he feels you are eligable for exemption, for example how this condition affects you on a day to day basis, the long term outcome of the condition and what medications you are currently on.

Also my Consultants have informed me that the majority of the medications that I take for my Lupus - i will be on for life.

My med's are: MMF 2000mg per day, steroids now reduced to 5mg per day as management only, ramipril 2.5mg per day, Planquinel (newly commenced) 200mg per day, Calchichew 2 per day and folic acid 1 per day. Also Fragmin Blood Thinning Injections when required.

I would request this form from your Local DWP or online and make an appointment with your GP or Rheum Consultant would be better as they fully understand the condition and the affects also they are fully aware how this affects you.

Please keep me updated with all developments.

Good Luck1

Ps a friend of a friend I know has Bachet's Syndrome who is also exemption from paying for her prescriptions.

Lulabelle x


Hi Lulabelle, i have looked on the dwp website and can't seem to fine the form, do you know what the form is called ?


Hi Loober - please see my response to Nanny4 above.

Phone 0845 601 8076 for queries about medical exemption certificates.

You need to contact this number and they will post out the form for you to take to your Dr's.

Lulabelle x


Do you guys not get free prescriptions anyway. I thought all the UK did now!


only scotland and wales. not sure about N. Ireland.

Exemption is available for certain life long medical conditions. The reception desk provided the form and GP had to sign it to verify the case was genuine.


Yep we also do in Northern Ireland


What are the criteria for getting free prescriptions then.I'm only on 3 tablets a day and eye drops and I buy a pre-payment card.xx


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