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Toothpaste makes me cough/gag. Does anyone else have this? If so how have you managed it.

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I do get acid reflux and it may all be related to that as it been something that has become more noticeable over time.

When I brush my teeth its often followed by a coughing fit, and if I have eaten relatively soon before brushing teeth sometimes the gagging causes my food to return.

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I've had this for years. Acid reflux sets off my coughing fits, so does some perfumes, eating certain foods, cold weather etc etc. I take Lanzoprazole for the acid reflux which has helped enormously. The coughing was treated as asthma for years and I was prescribed every kind of inhaler under the sun which made little or no difference, (although I've recently been prescribed Flutiform which is helping a bit). I saw a dermatologist last week for my facial rash/skin flares, she asked about all my other symptoms as well and has written to my GP to ask for lung function tests to be carried out. The biggest help has been the Lanzoprazole but eating healthily and avoiding whatever foods give you indigestion can help. Putting a couple of books under the legs at the top end of the bed can help too if night time coughing is a problem. I hope you find something that works for you.

Thanks for replying. I get the night time stuff and have got used to that but there is now this additional reaction with toothpaste. I was wondering if anyone else had similar and if they had found any work around

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jellygirl in reply to overnighthearingloss

Everytime I brush my teeth. I cough so hard it feels like I could pass out.

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ThatMakeupChick24 in reply to jellygirl

I get the same exact thing, it annoys everyone around me and lasts for about 20-25 minutes. And I can't eat anything until it stops because anything I eat will cause me to cough too ): this stupid cough has been ruining my life for about 6 or 7 years now and it . Won't . Stop. Helllllpppp

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Hi I think I had something similar to this and it's was eventually diagnosed as inflamed oesophageal. I had an endoscopy to confirm, but I think they only did that because it got worse. I also found it caused me to burp a lot after eating.

Lansoprasol didn't really help at first as it was too extreme I think I ended up with sulcrafate and then carried on with lansoprasol to stop it reoccurring. It might be good to research alkaline diets to try and eat more alkaline foods see if it helps

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overnighthearingloss in reply to twist1

I do try to be as alkaline as possible these days. Obviously it doesn't always work out that way

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Acid reflux here as well..I had an ulcer and needed surgery some years ago. When I left hospital the surgeon told me I'd need to take omezaprole for the rest of my life...Shortly after I got home I had a letter from my gp to see a chemist at their surgery. I went and she persuaded me to stop the omezaprole and take gaviscon instead, she said it was safer..I reluctantly agreed.

For a time gaviscon worked and then the acid reflux affected my voice, my throat and the coughing got worse. I put up with it for a few years until a couple of weeks ago when I asked my gp to put the omezaprole back on repeat prescription, she did, the acids stopped and the coughings eased a lot. Only wish I'd asked a lot sooner but you follow advice thinking its for the best. I'd mention it to your gp ONHL and I can recommend gaviscon, it works very quickly but for me it wasnt enough and its expensive

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overnighthearingloss in reply to chrisj

Been on gaviscon

Its no longer as effective as it once was

Been having aloe vera drinks which help with overnight reflux but not the toothpaste issue

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..and just to add toothpaste and mouthwash aggravated it as well so I know where you're coming from on that..hope you find a solution xxx

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overnighthearingloss in reply to chrisj

I dont regularly use mouthwash unless I have an infection but wonder if there may be an ingredient common to both that is an irritant

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chrisj in reply to overnighthearingloss

could well a good idea to check the ingredient lists. I use Difflam for mouth ulcers and that was irritating my throat but it seems to have cleared up since going back on the ulcer tablets. I also get BioXtra toothpaste and mouthwash on prescription and they're very gentle, designed to help dry mouth and they don't seem to cause any irritation probs...maybe a dentist could advise you?

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I can't use any toothpaste and just use water and the brush. I was also diagnosed with asthma for 6 years and on inhalers, but no help until I discovered from a naturopath that I was allergic to dairy foods due to the antibiotics coming through in the milk that are routinely fed to cows. I am allergic to antibiotics now. I also do my best to eat healthily.

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overnighthearingloss in reply to Cann

I think I might just brush with water for a while and see if there is any difference

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Cann in reply to overnighthearingloss

Yes, could be an ingredient in the toothpaste you are allergic to.

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I have exactly the same symptoms. Suffering from acid reflux since 10 years, I take esomeprazole 20mg which helps for the acidic reflux. This means, I always get reflux, it is just not acid anymore. Since approximately 5 years I also cough everytime I brush my teeth. I have tried lots of different toothpaste (with/without fluoride, biological, etc) but I always have the coughing. Not brushing my teeth is no option, as due to the reflux my teeth already suffer quite a lot... Either my dentist nor my doctors understand this symptoms.

Did you or anyone else find a solution in the mean time?

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Hey, I don't have any tips for reflux, but perhaps some non flavoured toothpaste or Non foaming toothpaste can help? Nurse is the main brand and I've heard it can be really useful for bag reflexes and people who can't tolerate minty flavours.

Just check if it had 1300-1450ppm Fluoride to make sure you're getting that and maybe ask your dentist for help with managing your teeth because reflux can cause erosion.

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For years everyday i brush my teeth and have a coughing fit. And have no idea why. Neither does the Dentist. And tried many different toothpaste

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