Things looking up?

Back at renal clinic today and doc very happy with way things are going so hopefully things are on the up. Bloods fine, haemoglobin back up so no longer anaemic, kidneys doing ok, still blood and protein in pee but cant have everything. Steroids being reduced so moon face may start to go down! Got side effects from mycophenolate but if they are helping then so be it.

Docs (specialists and my own gp) have been brilliant and I really feel for those of you who arent getting the support and help you need from your docs.

I think I must be one of the lucky ones and am just hoping the meds keep working and gets this flare under control althoug knowing me when things are going well something bad usually happens so we'll just think positive!

Best of luck to all of you who are struggling at the minute. Keep smiling :)

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Really glad your results are looking up, dont worry what will happen when you are feeling better, just enjoy it, make the most of it and as you put it, Keep Smiling...


Sounds like a good positve appt was had, glad that you are starting to feel some benefits, long may it continue :)


A lovely positive story,from what sounds like a positive lady.Thank you for sharing this really helps me stay positive when read posts like ours,thank you.


Thanks folks. I had a bad couple of weeks when I was first diagnosed where I cried and felt really sorry for myself but I dont have as bad symptoms as others so I reallly have nothing to moan about. Yes its affected my kidneys, lungs, joints and I'm constantly exhausted and the side effects of the meds are poop but I have no rash and have managed to get back to work part time so life isnt that bad. I'm quite a positive person anyway and I have great support network so feel veey lucky. And Peter, I totally agree with the keep smiling! :D


Good on ya hun! Am so pleased things are looking more positive for you :) It is so tough and frustrating. I hate the lack of control I have over my illness and treatment - I get so impatient with new drugs because I want them to work. Sometimes we have to feel down and low before we can pick ourselves up and deal what we are confronted with.

Peter, I love smiling! - It is the first thing people see and it is so infectious :)


Lovely positive blog :) glad things are starting to go well for you


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