Over thinking things

I know I'm overthinking things but here it goes .

My Aunty , uncle and cousin may be going away in October and asked me if I wanted to come . I said of course I would I have never been abroad before . They are going in October as my cousin gets 2 weeks off school from the 16. At the school I'm at there half term is one week which starts the 24th .

I would need to take the week before off . Plus my apprenticeship ends on the 31st . I'm not sure if they are keeping me on yet .

Do you think I'm best putting the request form in for the week off if they turn me down go to talk to them. I want it unpaid obviously .

I am just over thinking it I know but am worried , as it's so close to end of my apprenticeship it would be the last full week of my apprenticeship . If they turned me down I would still go as I will not get many opportunity like this especially with this illness and as I get older . What's the worse they could as I would only have another 2 days left there if they didn't keep me on . Any advice or though would be very appreciated !


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12 Replies

  • Hi loulamb

    As you say, a great opportunity to go abroad with your family in October . I think if it was me I would ask at work first rather than request the time off and be turned down!. It also gives you chance to find out if you will be hired by the school as your apprenticeship finishes then!. It is unfortunate timing and I don't think your over thinking it either, you've thought it thru very well as not easy working out what's best to do.

    If you do go abroad don't forget your sun cream and hope you sort it out ok. X

  • You have to put a form in to take the time off . They can approve or unapproved and can be paid or unpaid . You have to do for anytime off . I have to do if for my hospital appointments .

    I asked them last month about what happens when my apprenticeship ends . They said if any jobs going I have to apply but it would then depend on who I came up against in an interview . It didn't sound to hopefully . Honestly I've had nothing but problems with this apprenticeship

  • Sorry loulamb you've had a lot of problems with this apprenticeship because you've enjoyed the work and work ed hard haven't you?.

    Your right to put in for the time off in the normal way and then see what happens. Fingers crossed for you that you get it ok. How's driving going?. Soon be your test?. X

  • I had a lot of problems with time with my coursework . I should be given time out during the working day to complete my NVQ 2 and the new deputy head said I'm not entitled to time . My Assesor even said I need to have time out . That's why I'm not bothered about just taking the time off .

    I am more worried that if I say to them in September I will still take the week off that they will get rid of me now. I don't think they could do that .

    Driving is ok I've got my next lesson on the 17th . Was meant to me by test but I changed it to end of September . As I would have 3 weeks no lesson .

  • Hi loulamb

    I'm sorry you've had that added stress of not getting time out to do your coursework as you should. They should know the rules!. Fingers crossed you get the time off for your holiday ok, can understand why your worried!. It's unfortunate timing !. Sensible you delayed your test as having fewer lessons now. You've got to feel ready. I'm sure you'll do well at your next lesson. Hope your enjoying your holiday. Keep us posted how you get on. X

  • I know your not meant to take term time holidays as you get all the school holidays . Like my mum said I owe nothing to do them and they haven't treated me as they should so don't worry about taking the time .

    Will keep you updated on the driving . Hoping I feel more confident end of September for the test and hopefully pass. Would love to pass before my 18th birthday but not bothered if I didn't 🙂

  • Hi loulamb

    No reason why you don't pass for your 18 th. That would be fab. Look forward to hearing how it all goes. Lots of luck. X

  • It's always good to talk and if successful, enjoy the holiday. Best wishes Kevin

  • I'll be going anyway not passing up the opportunity for my first time on holiday . I've decided when I go back i know if we are going as Aunty will book in end of August . I'm just gonna ask for the week off . If they so no I'll tell them I'm still going . What's the worse that's gonna happen as I've only got 2 days left of apprenticeship after that . If I get the request in when I go back in September . I've asked before they've spoken about a proper job

  • Hello. How are you? Just cathcing up a bit after being away. As you know, I worked in a school as a Teaching Assistant for over 4 years. I think this depends on the Head Teacher. Ours was good with stuff like this. As long as you gave her notice and were honest with her - and a good worker, she was obliging. I didn't ever have to ask - as I was part time and so coiuld switch days around, with her and my class teachers permission. But I know she let others take unpaid leave. One teacher wanted to visit her son in Australia, whom she hadn't seen for over a year, he was only 22. She added a week unpaid leave to the 2 week christmas hols, so she could have a nice break with her son. Then another TA took a long weekend, to visit London before xmas for Christmas shopping and sight seeing with her family. So, it will depend on your Head. But, as I have said to you before, as with all things in life, "If you don't ask, you don't get." Your Head cannot punish you in any way for asking. She cannot give you a bad reference for asking. You have nothing to lose. But I would ask, as soon as possible when you go back to school, at the start of term. To give him/her time to work out staffing etc, if s/he lets you go. I am sure it wont be a problem. Let us know how it goes. But ultimately, never miss a chance of a holiday!!!! x

  • Thank you . I am going to put my from in next Friday when I'm back at work . I was more worried about them giving me a bad reference x

  • My Aunty phoned me today I need to actually ask for 7 working days off . As she's booking Tuesday and there is no flight for the Saturday in October as she left it late .

    I need to ask for the the 12,13 ,16,17,18,19,20 October off .

    I'm just gonna put the form in and if they decline I'm going to talk to them and say well unfortunately I still will be going when the time comes

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