Does anyone here get pulmonary edema?

And what does it feel like compared to costochondritis?

I'm probably worrying unnecessarily but all day today I've had a tight sore chest like someone has wrapped me up in a bandage too tight. It's not crushingly painful, more just a nagging soreness in the chest and between my shoulder blades. Also, had a few episodes where I couldn't get my breath.

The reason I'm asking about edema is because I also got some recent blood results and my plasma free normetanephrines are high which is indicative of paraganglioma and pulmonary edema can be one of the signs of this. I know it has nothing to do with lupus but surely the edema experienced in both conditions would feel the same.

And it's not just anxiety. I know I triggered whatever it is by spending most of the day yesterday at the kids athletics day!! Groan.

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    Which doesn't sound much like what you describe does it? Sounds much more localised.

    Pulmonary oedema makes it difficult to breathe along with fatigue because you aren't getting enough oxygen - but that is part of lupus anyway.

    Not really much help though is it?

  • Yes chosto is definitely localised. I know that pain all too well! The point of that question was more to ask if PE was a similar kind of localised pain and whether what I'm getting is something altogether different or whether it does sound familiar to PE sufferers and especially those who have experience with both.

    It's 3am and I've been awake for a few mins and the same sensation is still nagging my whole upper body but my breathing is fine now. For me chosto would've well and truly settled down this far into the night with this much rest.

    Ah the mysteries of the human body! It never ceases to intrigue...

  • Careful now - PE is the usual abbreviation for pulmonary embolism which is a very different matter from pulmonary oedema. If it were a PE I think you would feel worse - though not necessarily I suppose. Definitely something to get checked out though.

    Why do these things always happen at the weekend!!!!

    PS - being nosy, where are you?

  • Sorry, you have a point! I know it's not a PE. My brother had that. This is different to what I know of his.

    I'm in Melbourne.

  • Should it get worse do seek medical help, even to put your mind to rest. I have lung involvement and I can go quite quickly from being "fine" to pleurisy, not being able to breath, burning lungs and spitting up blood. Needless to say, when I have these flares, I feel dizzy and extremely ill. I hope it settles quickly for you. Take care.

  • Yes if it gets too much worse I won't hesitate to see a doctor. It's one of those indecisive "do I, don't I" moments.

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