Nausea and hot flushes

I was just wondering whether anybody else suffered from hot flushes and severe nausea that comes on very suddenly and leaves you in the bathroom for hours on end.

It is becoming more and more regular and is awful. One episode left me shaking so much I ended up wetting myself.

I put it down to "just another symptom" but thought I would ask for other peoples opinions.

Thanks in advance

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  • I do experience hot flushes that come suddenly and they make me feel incredibly sick and dizzy even if I am sitting down. I can't function with them and find lying down helps them go quicker, but not helpful if I am out and about. Sometimes they pass quickly but sometimes can last a couple of hours. Have to say yours sound worse than mine though. I am going to mention it to my rhuemie next month, I would advise that you go and speak to your rhuemie or gp. Let me know what they say! Take care, it is not a nice symptom at all xxx

  • I get hot flushes but not the nausea yours sound very bad I would mention it to the ruhmie and your GP I did mention the hot flushes to the rheumie and he said prednisilone made people have hot flhshes

  • I'm having hot flushes and nausea but at 48 the docs can't confirm whether this is menopause or sle. I'm hoping menopause as I've heard that makes symptoms improve.

  • Yes, I get sudden hot flushes and have to sit down to recover but not nausea. I get those when a flare is coming up but not when all is calm. I dread them because if I get them I now know I'm in for a rough few weeks.

  • Finally found someone who has this!!!

    I have the most horrendous hot flushes, they leave me in a terrible state, I get severe nausea,terrible confusion, slurred speech, headache and am left exhausted. Its really hard to explain but I dont feel safe when I have them.... I need to lie down and have someone with me til it passes. This happens quite a lot, but during a flare it is at its worst. It has started happening as soon as I get a little hot now, so I have to have a fan next to me in work, I cant even chance wearing a coat anymore incase I get hot, it happens so quickly sometimes without any warning.

    I find it one of the worst things to deal with.


  • I could kiss you lol !!!!

    I wear a t-shirt with a cardigan so i can strip off quick the heating goes no higher than 18 degrees and I sleep with the bedroom window open !!! I dread going shopping because the shops are soo hot at this time of year

    It is awful and is turning me into a recluse, i am actually looking forward to the winter


  • Ive just been out on my lunch and my friend had a long sleeved cotton top, a cardigan, a coat, a hat and a scarf on.... I was in a t-shirt!!!

    I also find that when I over heat my butterfly rash comes out and it burns.

    I'm starting to avoid shops etc in case it happens when I'm out, its so horrible when it happens, and embarrassing too.

    I might consider moving to Alaska!!


  • I have been suffering exactly the same. As soon as I attempt anything like housework etc I burn up and vomit. Did you get any answers to this from doctor?

  • I know you posted this question 4 years ago and I hope you found relief for your symptoms. I've just started getting hot flushes and severe nausea that leaves me feeling that if I don't lie down I'll fall down. What was your outcome?

  • Hi there, I can really sympathise with you. I spoke with my rheumy who could come up with no ideas or solutions. He even tried stopping my tablets alternately but to no avail. It has eased off a bit this year, but I think that's because I am not in flare at the moment. We ended up installing air conditioning in our bedroom and I only go out to places that I know are going to be cool. It has dominated my life. I avoid the sun as much as I can, carry ice packs if I do go out which I put on my wrists and neck and have those aerosol fine mist sprays in my handbag. They all help a lot.

    Sorry I can't be any more positive.

    Good luck

  • I realize this post is very, very old, but wanted to share what has helped me. I was having a terrible problem with these as well. My doctor prescribed Clonidine, 10 mg at night and I have't had a hot flash since. It's an off label use for that drug here in the US. Hope it can help someone else.

  • Thanks for the advice Goldyukr, I will mention it to my rheumy next time I see him.

  • So pleased to hear I am not alone - but sorry you are also suffering these miserable symptoms. I've posted recently about how this has developed for me over the last month or so.

    It started when I cleaned the bath - sudden overwhelming exhaustion, with an intense hot flush, so bad that I nearly passed out. Since then, it's got steadily worse - no need for any exertion, it's just become part of the daily routine. I'm now spending virtually the whole day sat in a chair, hardly able to lift a finger.

    It can't be the menopause, as I'm a bloke!

    Last week, my respirology consultant suggested it might be a reaction to recently started mycophenolate, and stopped it. He said it should clear up in a 3-4 days. It's now day 5, and no improvement. I will be seeing my rheumy tomorrow, and it'll be interesting to see what he says...

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