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Hi all not been on for a while hope everyone ok,on Monday i had ct scan and on Wednesday this week was sent for a bronchos copy unfortunately they could not go through with the procedure as i was so anxious kept throwing up and crying the anesthetic did not work at all.I see my specialist on Monday he is waiting for the results which he will not get.

The whole experience was the worst thing i have ever endured,i would like to know what the two things that showed up on ct scan,but unless they give me a stronger anesthetic i will not be able to go through with this.

Has anyone else had problems with this procedure and what did you do to overcome it.

At the moment i seem to be at hospital nearly every day if not seeing lung specialist i am seeing ear nose and throat specialist.

I am so afraid and crying all the time also fighting esa things are really getting to me.

Hugs to you all Lornadoon

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Hi lornadoon - ask for the procedure under GA. I also need to have a bronchoscopy and refused point blank to have it just under sedation. Consultant doesn't like it, but I'm insisting. Your experiences only serve to prove I'm absolutely right to do so. Get it done under general anaesthetic, then you won't know a thing about it!


HI Coppernob

Just to let you know that i am going into hospital to have a Panendoscopy done under ga,i told ent doctor cannot go through with the bronchos copy she has agreed that they will do all the necessary investigations while i am asleep.

All i am waiting for now is the date i will let you know how it goes.

Take care



Hi Coppernob

Thanks for getting back to me today i had to go and see the sister at the surgery and she told me that it is not a nice procedure and like you she said the sedation has not worked.

I see my consultant on Monday which i am not looking forward to,but to be honest i will only have try this one more time only if i am totally put to sleep.

The experience has left me traumatized, i got home and cried for hours.

The consultant says two things have shown up on my scan and i need this done but he will have to knock me out as i will not have it again.

Please let me know how you get on and thanks again.

Hugs Lornadoon


Hi Coppernob

Just to let you know that today i had to go to see my consultant for the results of the bronchoscopy, needless to say i was a bit worried but he was great he said unfortunatly i am one of those people that they cannot do a bronchoscopy and he was sad but not upset about it.

He say's that all they can do now is to give me regular scans as he does not know the answers.

I told him i would not have it done unless i was totally knocked out he said unfortunately they need you awake, i asked him why then do they knock you out when doing your stomach he said that was different.

I do not know why but in my opinion the bronchoscopy was worse.

I know some people might disagree but to me it was the most horrendous thing that has ever been attempted on me.

Please let me know how you get on and if you do have it awake i wish you all the best as you will need it.

Hugs Lornadoon


Hi Lornadoon, nothing further to report yet on my bronchoscopy. I've just had a bladder biopsy so I wanted to get that out of the way first.

But I can't for the life of me understand why your consultant is saying you need to be awake for your bronchoscopy. Please challenge this. That's what mine said too at first, until I just point blank refused to have it sedated, and then he said they CAN do a flexible bronchoscopy under GA. Sometimes they tell us something is impossible just because it doesn't suit them. In other words, they lie. Maybe change your consultant???? Discuss with your GP?

If I come up with anything that I think you might find useful I'll let you know. 'Nag' me occasionally by PM - you know what our memories are like!!!

Good luck, JudyCoppernob


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