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DLA Renewel

Hi have just read a question on DLA renewel, i am up for renewel in April 2013, i had to appeal for my DLA 3 years ago, i succeeded in getting high rate mobility and high rate care. The thing i am confused about is, i thought DLA was changing to PIP (personal independant payment) in 2013. Also i was not aware that people came to your house if you requested this. I have applied for DLA twice and have only filled in the forms, i have never been asked to attend a medical for DLA. Can anyone out there put a confused lady right please. I have just sent off the form for ESA and that was sooooo stressful and confusing, i want to get it right in my mind before the renewel forms come for DLA or PIP. also do i have to contact Work and Pensions for these forms? Many thanks in advance.

Caz59 x

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My only advice here is to use the Citizens Advice. I have a disabled son who gets DLA, and they have taken a lot of that stress away from me, just delt with it.

I also get DLA for my MCTD and again they helped me with that and will also represent you at any tribunal.

They will also explain how the new systems are going to work. You can book a timed appointment in advance for filling out the forms, so you don't have to wait - plus they will come out to the house if you request this.



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