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Dla renewal???

Hi, on top of everything at the min, my DLA is up for renewal in march. I have just received my application pack. Can anybody send me any lupus information that I could put in my application. I have been on high rate mobility and middle care but am still worried with all the changes to benefits, even though my health has got a lot worse over the years.

Any info would be gratefully received.

Thank you


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Ask to have a medical at home as you can not make it to the dss building. They tried to get me to go to a medical at 9am which would heave meant that I would have to get up at 5am to take my tablets painkillers etc to get ready to get to the office. They would have said straight away that I was well enough etc so don't need dla. I phoned the number and explained that I couldn't get out of bed etc to be told in certain circumstances and certain illnesses that a home visit could be arranged!!!!! Why was this not done in first place makes me wonder. I was told to have anything ie tablets or braces medical aids available to see. The doc walked in and saw them all lined up and said well with that little lot I don't think I need fill in the form. Lol. We did and he recommended dla for life which is what I now get. I know I am very lucky and in the minority. I was also told byCAB to put everything as my worse day or they will turn me down.

My brother who had type 1 diabetes amongst other things and was on the kidney transplant list was turned down. I do wonder just how sick you need to be and if they are only allowed to put a certain amount of people through a day. By having a doc come to the house they use different people other than in the offices. Since mine I have found out that they are generally retired doctors who tend to pass more people.

Good luck and if it gets turned down appeal appeal appeal.



Thank you, I will def ask for at home visit as there is no way I could be up and out early. I had to appeal first time round and got it for five years. Fingers crossed this time as I have got s lot worse.

Again thanks x



If you send me a private message or email with your name and address, then I can send you some information and a supporting letter.


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