Night sweats & painful hands and feet

Hi everyone,

I have started waking up through the night soaking in sweat but freezing cold. This started happening about 3-4 months ago and happens about 2-3 times a week. I'm not sure what the trigger is - I never have the heating on in my bedroom??

Also, I have notice this year that my right hand gets painful if I hold a heavy cooking pot and usual locks in place, it also really hurts if I do to much ironing or when I decorate. The bones in my feet are also starting to feel painful. In the cold weather my toes sometimes go white and my knuckles go purple.

I'm 26 years old and was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus February 2011, I think there are other things underlying that I might possibly need to go to the doctor about - anyone's help and advice would be appreciate.

Thank you


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I don't know much about discoid lupus, so I don't know whether night sweats is one of its symptoms. But I do know that night sweats is a symptom of SLE, I usually have them when I'm in a flare.


Hi cole24 I get night sweats a lot, sometimes I have to change my night clothes twice during the night because I am soaked through. I have read that discoid lupus can sometimes develop into SLE, so I would check this out with your doctor or rheumy.



I have these sweats at night and in the day. But after my visit to St Thomas they are questioning the SLE Lupus. I get joint pain and had blood clot in left arm. Have Co firmed Hughes disorder. But very confused about the lupus thing as I had a letter saying I have lupus , then Consultant said I haven't got symptoms of lupus. But I think I tick a lot of check list for it. Have to see what the next lot of blood test bring back and have to have a scan. Not sure what to think as St Thomas are renowned for the specialism. So maybe its something else going on?

But I definitely get the sweats and insomnia etc at night.

If I can help in anyway can always chat. Loads of people on here to help.

Andrea xx


I also have night sweats. Except for that I am still well. Will flare come after night sweats ?


i have terrible day and night sweats. some days i am drenched and have to change my clothes. one night i had to change my nightwear and strip the bed down. i was soaked through. There isn't anything i can take, so i just have to put up with it.


Hi, I get night sweats but also at other times. I have taken to sleeping on a towel which when it gets wet my husband changes for another, I roll off he replaces and pulls me back. He then puts a blanket over the top of my quilt. During the day I layer clothes so u can add or remove as necessary.

The towel protects the mattress to a certain extent and its easier to wash a couple of towels than it is to buy a new mattress.


I suffered really bad night sweats a few years when I was in my early 50s. My gp insisted it was nothing menopausal, my hormone levels were stable. When I eventually had blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis, the result came back with mild SLE not RA, Lupus was responsible. Since taking plaquenil I've felt better but still suffer with sweating in the night. I was given a floor standing cool air fan that is at the bottom of my bed which helps a lot... and in the day I have a small cool air fan clipped by my pc...

I also had numb, white toes and fingers as a child but wasnt diagnosed with Raynauds till after the Lupus result again in my early 50s. This problem has all but cleared up since treatment...Have osteo arthritis as well and that causes probs with lifting and handling pans when I want to cook so my son takes care of most of that..I find the pain comes and goes..

Symptoms never go away but I've found medication and practical aids have eased things. I hope they get you what you need to feel more comfortable xxx


I should add my gp put me on a small dose of ramapril to boost my circulation, that also helped a lot with the white finger syndrome and fatigue x


I get exactly the same thing on the middle joint of my ring finger on my left had when I hold a heavy pot! Doc thinks it might be arthritis in my hands and am awaiting results. Not sure it is as I had a sneaky look at the X-ray and it looked fine! Reckon it'll turn out to be yet another lupie symptom...I know a lot of people find experimenting with their diet helps?

Hope things ease up soon



Hi cole24, i can completely understand you i was diagnoised in nov2011 with discoid lupus then substaute cutaneous lupus then lupus erythermadosous parden the spelling. I recently went back to see my dermy an asked which one have i got and she told me tumid lupus but i think she is only a trainee i also felt like i was beeing rushed out as my appointment was last of the day. She told me my bloods were normal but im like you i get night sweats although they seem to have calmed down a bir also my elbow joints lock sometimes if im carrying a heavy bag they ache i get electric pains also in my bum and my ankle cracks and pains sme days it kills to walk up stairs i too think there is a lot moer going on i also finding it hard to become pregnant and my dery made a comment saying well you been trying for a long time now so as if i should give up. Check of it im only 35 she also sed to me lupus doest cause pain like that i also get very sore shoulders they crack too. I dont think the doctors are really interested they just fob you off.


This site is a blessing thankyou!


hi i have subacutanious lupus with a crossover of systemic symptons AND recently diagnoised with fibromyalgia, which could be the cause of the joint pain and locking and as for lupus not causes pain thats poppy cock tell her to walk in ur shoes for a day she ll feel pain :) good luck x


Hi there, I get night sweats too. No diagnosis as yet apart from PNH and low Vit D. But hope to get blood tests for Lupus soon. It seems like our internal thermostat keeps going on the blink. Freezing cold hands, cold feet, then warm again then cold again, night sweats and then the odd hot flush and chills when temperature is normal! My body is just so confused I think..


Thank you everyone for your comments!!! They mean a lot and have taught me a lot more. I think I will make a diary of when the sweats happen to see f there is some sort of pattern etc, and as for the sore hands and feet, I will persevere a little longer before I go to the doctors.

Take care everyone! :)


I have had similar sweats since starting on mycophenelate.

Just after I was first started on it, I had a bad chest/lung infection and when I was being treated for it the sweats started. So my GP stopped the mycophenelate and the sweats disappeared. I was off of it for a while until blood results showed my infection levels had improved.

After the myco was restarted the sweats reappeared within a few days. The consultant says its probably menopausal. But is unable to explain why there were no sweats when I was not on the myco.

He also questioned my Lupus diagnosis at my last appointment.

i hate all the dishonesty. I know that similar things are happening to other patients. And when you get the consultant just going through the motions as if he is reading from a script and taking no account of what you say its like you cannot trust the health service anymore.


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