After dental work, my teeth seem to crumble! Help!!

over the past year, anytime I've had dental work done, the tooth that was worked on breaks apart! I have lost the upper molars on both sides of my mouth! I have tried taking good care of my teeth but am now certain I have a cavity that needs filling. I am terrified to go to the dentist for fear of losing another tooth! Has anyone else experienced this? What, if anything can be done about this?

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  • Hi

    I got a lot of problems with me teeth too..............was told by my speacilist that its due to my Lupus as I get a dry mouth and dry eyes............because of the dry mouth your teeth decay as they need the saliva to help with bacteria............also if I have a tooth out it can get infected as my Lupus decides to attack it..............if you can get a dentist sensitive to our condition it does help............hope this helps you

    Take care

  • Thank you. I'm not aware of experiencing a dry mouth and/or eyes; but it's something I will look in to.

  • hi jonathans girlfriend iv have lupus for around 12 yrs now and always had problems with my theeth crumbling ,i was terrified off dentist but in january i decided enough was enough always getting mouth ulsers and thooth ace,so i have had all my theeth out and took rite up till june 2 set my false ones as thay would only take a few out at a time cos off all my meds and lupus and i must say was the best thing i ever did never get thooth ace again lol and dont get mouth ulsers any more ,,,

  • Thank you. I'm glad you are no longer plagued with dental problems. Frankly, I'm still at the point where I am trying to keep my teeth...though I must admit I can really appreciate what you are saying.

  • Hi, in 1999 I had to have all my teeth out because the enamel was crumbling. The dentist at the time asked if I had anaemia. I told him no, but my mother told me that she was anaemic when she was carrying me. Since last years visit to the rheummy she thinks that lupus could have been an underlying cause for my tooth problem, even way back then.

  • Thank you. Knowing that this is a lot more common than I thought helps me feel less alone with this.

  • Hi over last couple of years I've had problems with my back teeth, similar to what you've described with bits breaking off. I've had one tooth pinned in three places to hold it together and recently another had a sizeable chunk break off. I've asked my dentist it is caused by my diseases or the meds I take but he says no. But it does seem odd that I know of people with lupus and vasculitis that have teeth issues. Hope that your dentist can repair yours, my dentist seems to have done well mine and has managed to repair them (with this last one he sad he isn't sure it will work and I will prob need a crown) .

  • Thanks for your input. My doctor says it definitely has something to do with Lupus. Something about not absorbing calcium I think. I never thought of having the dentist pin the teeth back together. When they shattered, I was so disgusted I just stopped going to the dentist.

  • Do you take calceous, it's calcium and vitamin D, I get it on prescription and take it every day, think it was prescribed as I'm on steroids, it might be worth a try and don't be put off going to dentist. I know it must be upsetting but if you keep going your dentist can keep an eye on things and look after your teeth

  • Thanks. I have tried different calcium supplements but the problem for me is that I'm not absorbing it. It's been awhile though, so maybe I'll try again. As far as returning to the dentist...we'll see.

  • Hi,i have sufferd terrible tooth problems,very weak crumbly teeth,i hate the dentist ,and as my system is super sensetive if i have adrenaline (they put it in the injections to numb the tooth)my body goes crazy so i ask for no adrenaline,i floss regularly ,clean well twice daily and unless im in agony ,i dont go(not good i know)use a good mouth wash also ,keep well brave

  • Thank you for your kind words. I suppose I will have to be diligent in caring for my teeth. No matter how exhausted I am, I can not skip the flossing.

  • Whatever you do, don't have all your teeth removed!That sort of thing went out in the 1950s! It can create as many problems as it solves too.I also have had lots of problems with my teeth over the years, despite maintaining a very high standard of oral care but most of my problems have been as a result of poor dental treatment.I have had to be treated at the local Dental Hospital as regular dentists won't touch me with a barge pole once they learn my medical history and I have had a very poor standard of care there.You would think otherwise in a hospital, but I have to wait months between appointments, get treated by students and even the qualified dentists seem of dubious competence.It once took a run of 25 appointments over 18 months to sort out a tooth which deteriorated from a simple filling to a root canal filling to an extraction and then a bridge during the course of treatment due to an incompetent dentist,She took at least 6 impressions(she kept losing them) and during one, went away to talk to someone, forgot about me, the cement overhardened and the mould would not come off, and the next day one of my front teeth broke off at the root where it had been weakened by the pressure of getting the mould off- what a disaster.!My teeth are weaker anyway due no doubt to years of steroids but also as a long term renal failure patient(due to lupus) my parathyroids are not functioning properly and they regulate calcium loss.It's just Sod's Law that I need better than average dental care but can only get less than average(at best)If you possibly can get seen by a really good dentist you should be able to get treatment for your teeth and keep them!Perhaps you could ring around the dentists in your area and ask if the dentist has any experience with lupus patients?Good luck!

  • Thank you. I am trying to hold on to my teeth...desperate to do so. I am so sorry you have been having such a horrible time of it. Is there no part of the body that Lupus doesn't mess up? Just when you think you have overcome one symptom, five more flare up. Every day, something new to deal with! Good luck to you...good luck to me...good luck to us all!

  • Hi I am just going through the same thing i am back at dentist tomorrow they are going to put a crown in to try and save the tooth as i keep getting tooth ache and bleeding gums, so painful , it has all ready been heavily filled by my old dentist i have just changed as the last 2 times i have been i have ended up with infections, Just hope there doing the right thing as i have to pay £220,

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