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Arnold Chiari Malformation

Hi everyone, just thought I would update from my Lupus and Cancer previous question.

I've been having a really bad time lately, numerous visits to gp. Yesterday I had to visit an emergency gp as out of hours. I have seen this gp before. Explained where I am upto with my health and all the new symptoms I am going through. Told him about my ct scan tomorrow to hopefully eliminate cancer in lymph glands.

He explained as my glands go up and down he would expect there to be no cancer as a lump would not come and go.

He explained about chiari malformation which he believes me to be experiencing a lot of symptoms. He had given me steroids for decompression and told me my ct scan could confirm this and my ent consultant can diagnose. I have looked this up online and I certainly am experiencing most symptoms. Insomnia being one that is causing me problems. In the last 53 hours I have had 7 hours sleep. I also have scoliosis which is another factor. Changes in my voice. Tingling in hands and feet which I have put down to my lupus, however my meds for swellings work brill apart from the tingling. Confusion with speach and memory. The list goes on.

I have also read that lupus and chiari malformation could be related.

Although this is obviously another serious health issue, the relief of maybe getting somewhere is immense.

I will update when I know more.

Thank you for reading.


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Hi!i had three mri scans this year,i have lupus but because of my neuro symptoms an mri was orderd to rule out M.S (my mum had M.S),my mri showed low lying tonsils left 3mm lower than right with no evidence of chairi malformation ,and a chronic infarction(peice of dead brain tissue) 1mm filled with cfs fluid ,possibly developmental ?the consultant totaly dismissed my neuro symptoms and said my brain was considerd normal ?????i get the whole lupus thing i really do and it answers most of my symptoms ,but with age my nuero symptoms are getting worse and with the little research i have done regarding my mri results i reckon i get a certain ammount of symptoms caused by the low lying tonsils!espeacially as when my head is in certain posistions i get this very specific pain in back of head , for me i reckon im just a complex person with a combination of structural problems ,(an akward one lol)for me my biggest concern is STILL my tender lymph glands which i feel no one is concerned about other than me,i wander if my lymph glands are related to low lying tonsils or lupus or both?????soooooooooo frustrating,keep well brave;)


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