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Plaquenil and Pregabalin with Activated Charcoal?

Hi all,

Anyone know if it is OK to take charcoal capsules whilst on plaquenil and pregabalin? I've found they're fantastic for reducing the flatulence problem but then I googled and saw that it can also absorb the active effects of the drugs as well... They're used to treat overdoses of the drugs so it does make sense.

I have felt slightly less well whilst taking them, I thought it was just because I was overdoing it but it could be the charcoal.

Anyone tried this before?



Newcastle upon Tyne

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Is that wind caused by taking the drugs???



Oh yes! Had huge problems with that with plaquenil/hydroxy



hello, does pregabalin make a difference as well as taking plaquenil/hydroxy please? i was offered it to help my fatigue but im warey of putting chemicals/drugs into my body. i was told they were a short term fix?


I was on pregabilin before I started plaquenil. I think pregablin does more for my background pain than it does for my fatigue but I've never had any side effects with it so I would say give it a try. Also, I've been on it for about 7 years so not a short term thing at all! It is quite short term in terms of how long it lasts in your body - I can tell if I'm a few hours late taking my morning or evening dose, perhaps that's what they meant?



thankyou jennie, i will ask about it in december as thats my next rhuemy appt. i would love to have some energy! x


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