Plaquenil and brainfog

I just started on the plaquenil last week, and I know the brain fog was pants before but now I'm starting to scare myself; I keep starting projects and then realising I've forgotten steps or misplaced something I was just holding, wandering aimlessly. It feels like dementia just hit, and I've got a load of driving to do this week. I know these meds take time to work but good grief, anyone else take thus stuff and gad this happen to them? Does it clear up? This is almost as bad as the methotrexate (which was awful, I couldn't think straight full stop)

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  • I started Plaquenil a few weeks ago and had a few days of really whacky, trippy dreams. Things seem to be improving - even the gurgly tummy.

  • Hello! Been on hydroxy for 8 months and I still get mild symptoms including the brain fog. I say things wrong but don't realise it, I forget people's names, forget the names for objects etc. I struggle to concentrate too. I worked in personal injury until 4 years ago and now looking back that was my first flare. I had an amazing memory then. Never forgot a thing and had a great memory for details. I know I couldn't hold that job down now. I work as a Teaching Assistant now, which is great and it suits, as I have 3 small children. But you must remember that everyone's symptoms are different and people respond differently to the meds too. This could be a temporary blip for you. I hope it improves. And I hope my response isn't too negative!

  • For me the brain fog is a lupus symptom rather than a Hydroxy problem. Steroids however shut my brain down!

  • agree. my brain fog improved with continuous meds (plaquenil and cellcept). in fact, brain fog is one of my first signals that i'm going into a bad place/flare.

  • I was awful with brain fog too but I'm not sure the hydroxy made it worse. My Dr started me on asprin though for sticky blood and that certainly has helped - I'm not anywhere near as confused or forgetful as I was, although I do still have my moments!

  • Hi, I have sticky blood and have improved with Warfarin, Hughes syndrome, is one of those conditions that can go along with lupus.

    It also gives brain fog, memory problems, but I found hydroxychloroquine improved my balance, ? Worth a look on the Hughes site on here

  • I think it's lupus brain fog, my problem is my short term memory it's shocking and my mind also just wanders. I remind myself of dory the fish in finding nemo!!! My kids find it all hysterical ;) sure the drugs don't help but for me it was happening before starting them.

  • Thanks all for replies. I have fibromyalgia as well which is really rubbish for brain fog; everything for ages was attributed to that so no one bothered looking for anything else...meh.

    Going to GP today to touch base and fill him in on where I'm at. Will see if I can get a bit of oomph or folic acid or something to help get my brain back online. I'm a carer, I can't function like this. :/

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