Plaquenil and quinoric

I just went to the chemist to order my next prescription and asked her about the difference, she looked them up and said they cost the same, so was happy to order in Plaquenil for me.......interesting what conflicting information we are all given? She said she just orders hydroxichloriquin and either might come in, but she will ask specifically for plaquenil as I asked. She is lovely, but only did it I am sure because the costs were the same.

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  • Had exactly the same with my pharmacist the other day, and she too said she will make sure l got the one l requested in future. If you don't ask you don't get, the more knowledge we have the better these days :)

  • so true, I find these blogs really helpful

  • my chemist said on monday past that plaquenil is three times the price .

  • maybe the price depends on the pharmacy's wholesale supplier? my surgery's dispensary has used their supplier as the reason for various restrictions on what the dispensary can & cannot get hold of etc....i give this dispensary s big box of chocs with a big thank you card every christmas: they know me & seem willing to give me the inside story sometimes on these sort of things. i'll try to remember (haha, brain fog!) to ask them this plaquenil/quinoric question

  • Hiya all, interesting ... I was told by my pharmacist that Plaquenil is a branded version of hydroxy & Quinoric was the generic & this is why they would prescribe Quinoric first. She told me to get GP to ask for Plaquenil on script then it will always be the right one. He was happy to do this. I've been on 400 mg's of hydroxy for nearly 2 years and am really struggling with nausea, have heard on the most helpful health unlockedgrapevine ;) that plaquenil is much gentler on the stomach due to coating?? Fingers crossed! Also my Rheumy nurse dropped my dose by half - immediate flare reaction :-( on 3g mycophenolate too ! Very fed up X

  • My Brother-in-Law is a Pharmacist and ownes his own shop and had done for over 40 years.

    Plaquinil ARE nearly Double the price for him to Buy and that is what the NHS then pay him for the script. Doctors ARE trying to save money, each script they write comes out of their 'pot'. I am on our doctors PPG group and we all know what is happening about the savings comming in - our doctors have employed a pharmasist to go through EVERYONES repeat script. and look if they can be swapped to a cheaper version. We had a few 'words' when he did it to me and my teeth went brown. He tried to fob me off saying they were the same. I told him my brother was a pharmasist and if he did not change me back I would sue the doc. for my teeth whitening. The script was given out the same day.

    BEWARE - if you go in hospital for some reason and you take your meds. in with you - they SWAP YOURS for the cheaper ones. They did it to me Without my knowledge and that was when my teeth started going brown. They then send you out with the 'cheapo' ones and NOT the ones you went in with. They give you a list of meds. for your doc. and they then changed my script. Sorted but I check EVERY item they give me each month.

    Some people are lucky it does not affect them, so it is ok. but if it does it is YOUR RIGHT to change. Good luck kids, we don't need extra problems - we all have enough ! xx

  • Gosh, this does run on, and it amazes me how differently all the local authorities can be. It would be interesting to know the different areas people live in? I am in West London.

  • After 2 awful months on quinoric I have just taken my prescription to local chemist and asked for plaqunil. He rang and ordered it while I was there, no problem. Had it not been for this site I would have continued thinking it was my imagination the drugs had different effects so a big thank you from me to you all xx

  • which area are you in?

  • Sorry don't know who this is aimed at- I live in South Yorks

  • I was told plaqunil was much more expensive , but i am lucky my GP told the pharmacy these are the only ones i can have.

    But there was a difference for my i had a lot more joint pain.

  • plaquenil makes me ill I think I shall try quinoric you never know lol

  • This has made interesting reading i have been taking hydroxi and the chemist has changed it to quinoric. My daughter picked up the script so didnt realise. I am going to take them back tomorow and insist they donot change them in any form until my rummi says. Im not happy at all x

  • My pharmacy has always supplied Plaquenil (I've been on it for over a year). A week or so ago the pharmacist asked if I would mind answering a few questions about the repeat prescription service. During the conversation I mentioned the fact that I was glad they always supplied Plaquenil even though the GP just put hydroxy on the prescription. He said that it may not always be the case and I should speak to my GP and specifically ask for Plaquenil to be prescribed. I have also heard Plaquenil is easier on your stomach and as I have a history of stomach ulcers I think it is the better drug for me - I hope the GP agrees.

  • Hi funny that we are given different stories My pharmacist says plaquenil is a bit more expensive and Quineric is now the government advised tablet She has no problem ordering plaquinil for me (as they make me nauseated ) I just have to make sure it is on the prescription and if its not If I put it on myself they will send it back down to the doctors

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