pins and needles?

hi there, for last few nights i have been kept awake by awful prickly pins and needles in my hands and soon as i lie down...any idea what this may be this something people are familiar with...? it scares me a bit :( .

i am being tested for lupus at present i am waiting for blood results and referal. my doctor described my symptoms as 'exciting'. He has not had any dealings with lupus since med school . I would say the way i feel is anything but exciting.



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Hi, I'm not sure if I'd describe it as pins and needles but I go through phases of tingling/stinging and throbbing in my feet which get worse at night and keeps me up all hours, sometimes lasting until the next day. Definately gets worse if I've been on my feet for any amount of time. Has he said it could be anything else? Try not to worry too much before your results, hope it's nothing too bad x


I have this randomly too - not always when lying down. I think sometimes that its actually the raynauds rather than the lupus - i notice it more with weather changes. Pins and needles is just usually blood rushing back to the limbs.


Not really pins and needles but I suffer from 'jumping' legs especially at night - it really drives me mad! As for the doctor calling this illness exciting I can think of better ways to bring some excitement in to my life! :-)


thanks guys...i have had no diagnosis..but lots of symptoms that i now realise have been lurking/ coming and going for some time..i have now had a numb thumb and pointing finger on my right hand finger for 2 days....what on earth is going on??? and why all of a sudden are all these happening now? aargh! my body feels like it has gone haywire! x


Hi, I have been diagnosed with systemic lupus a few months ago after it was thought I had arthirits. Recently I have been getting flare ups of pins and needles down my left arm and left leg and then they will go away. It is a relief when you get a diagnosis as you can finally put a name to your symptoms


Hi there - I get pins and needles constantly - day and/or night - also getting jerking movements when I am lying down - seems like more lupus symptoms for us all to share - thanks and all the bestxx


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