Problems with pins and needles

Haven't written for a while, the past few days I have been suffering terrible pins and needles in my arms causing them to ache and yesterday at work I had a little funny turn where it felt as if the pins and needles had gone to my head, doctor is not worried but have to keep an eye on things, I have an 8 hour shift at work and hate taking time off so trying to take it easy but I don't want this happening for the rest of my life it's totally rubbish,im 25 haven't got any children yet butworried about how I will cope in the future.

I know this is a bit of a moan but I had to get things off my chest a bit as I know others on this site have the same if not similar issues.

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  • Hi, I get pins and needles in my arms and hands, usually at night. I have had several episodes of pins and needles in my head and my GP wasn't concerned either. I also get bad headaches and had a CT scan. This didn't show anything so I guess tha head pins and needles aren't too serious. I think its something to do with low blood pressure. Keep going to your GP if you are worried. Take care.

  • Hi, I am another who also gets pins and needles mainly in my hands, usually at night. Currently I am getting this all the time and with the occasional migraine type headache. I too have had pins and needles in my head in the past which I know feels odd. Again, I have been told by my GP to pace myself. I don't know why it happens. I agree if it keeps happening go and see your GP or ask for an early appointment to see your rheumy. Rest when you can. Take care.

  • Lucy, If moaning makes you feel better then moan away. I get pins and needles too at night,I have just added it to the ever growing collection of ailments that come under the heading of Lupus. Make sure you keep a record of all your ailments so you don't forget things, which is what usually happens once we get in that doctors office.xx

  • Hi guys,pins and needles at night, is not uncommon it could be a positional thing, especially if only one arm in affected, do the symptoms ease off once up? However if it's affecting both arms then the problem could be in c4-6, if you've ever suffered whiplash then that could e causing inflamed nerves made worse with lupus problems.

  • Hi, just seen your comment about whiplash exacerbating pins and needles symptoms. I've been dx'd with UCTD, Reynaud's and antiphospholid antibodies following car accident. Am convinced all the weird sensations have followed on from the whiplash because of the timing. Any thoughts on this?

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