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Nightly pins and needles

I am sooooo tired after another terrible night with pins and needles - woken up 3 times with it last night! I am rather confuddled when I wake up so not completely sure what side I am lying on when I wake, but the sensation is always in my right hand and arm and I favour my left side when sleeping, so it doesn't seem to be caused by a restriction of blood flow and moving or massaging the area doesn't help. I'm thinking it may be linked to the potential spine issues from the HLA b27. I read that if you start to fuse it can cause nerve problems. It is causing pain, not just a mild pins and needles sensation - hence waking me - and it is my whole arm. Last night even my shoulder blade was affected! Still now as I type, my little finger is numb and "pins and needly". And I'm at work so I have to type!! It seems like such a little thing, but man, it is causing big problems. Thank goodness I am self employed and can take a break to moan on here :) :) :)

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Are you saying you have the HLA-b27 gene? Have you been investigated for actually HAVING ankylosing spondylitis? And if you have it - is it being managed? Physiotherapy etc?

There is a special MRI scan to confirm it if I remember rightly - quite specific.

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yes I have the HLA b27 gene and am still waiting for my first rheumy appt so they can (I presume) investigate further... Already been cancelled once!

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Aaah - it will happen eventually! Sooner rather than later I'd hope though!

I've not been investigated further yet - still waiting for my rheumy appt, which has been cancelled and rescheduled once already, so fingers crossed this one goes ahead :( My GP tested for HLA b27 after he asked me, practically as I walked out the door, if I got any back pain. I'd gone to see him because I had a lot of joint pain and the pins and needles and hadn't mentioned back pain at all.

Hi I too have suffered with horrendous pins and needles in legs feet arms and hands at night and feel like dead arms and legs - the only thing I have found helps is pregabilin I take 75mg twice a day ! Best of luck x

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It's horrible isn't it? Feels weird and you can't sleep either!

I used to get this in my feet when I was trying to sleep. So annoying!! It doesn't happen anymore since I began Gabapentin.

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