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Lupus and implants

Has anyone had loosening of previously inserted and well settled implants due to lupus sle or meds for lupus? If so, did you ultimately loose the implant? I have just noticed that implants I had put in some years back are now loose, it is so upsetting to think that after all that pain and suffering and expense of putting them in I am now going to lose them... I am going to see my dental specialst next week but was wondering of your experience with this?

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No experience of this Purple but I had a dental implant last year so would be interested to know what your Orthodonist says. Is it the crowns that have become loose or the implants themselves? If the latter, I'm aware osteopenia/osteoporosis can affect teeth in this way - that's all I can think of at this stage. Do please let us know what happens and good luck getting them fixed!


Not sure you are talking about breast implants or teeth,my breast implants have been in since 1981,and no problem.

But i think its tee

th so I wish you all the best next week.


It was dental implants, apologies, I shd have clarified. My dentist kindly saw me this evening (he probably recognised desperation in my message) and thankfully it was only the screws holding the crowns on the implants that got loose but the implants are fine. This is what lupus did to me: made me think the very worst each time something is not quite right. Phew. All now ok.


its the Lupus brain fog!!!


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