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lupus and the menapause

Hi can any one help I was diagnosed with Lupus 4 years ago but had it prior to this and didn't no about it. I have been going through the menopause for 3 years. I never get a break from hot sweats I am now having palpitations and panick attacks when I get a hot sweat I literaly drip sweat, Is this the menopause or is this Lupus I am so tired and I ach? I am now getting a lot of headaches. I have tried everything on the shelf at boots to help both. I am even taking alovera juice as I have been told this will help. Lupus has also caused me to have a lactos intolerence (sorry about the spellings). Things at times are so bad Iv had silly thoughts of doing away with my self as I find it hard to cope. I am happily married and I lover my husband to bits s couldn't do this to him. I am just wanting all these symtoms to go away. all the doctor does is want to put me on antidepresence so I can sleep better at night. I hate taking pills so throw them in the bin. Has anyone found a herbal remedy that actualy works?

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Hi Steve151053

You are having a torrid time of it just now, totally understandable that you are at a low ebb.

You do not say, but are you on any medications at all for managing your Lupus?

Panic attacks etc can unfortunately be both a side effect of the menopause and Lupus. You should not have to suffer all these symptoms in silence, particularly on the menopause side of things.

Can you make an appt with your GP to specifically ask for help with your menopausal symptoms?, if your not comfortable with your current GP, ask to see another one, female for example if you prefer.

Try to make it clear from the start, you want help with the menopause first and foremost, if this brings relief, it is a huge start to improving any low mood.

I am in the full throes of the menopause and manage my own symptoms which I am happy to share with you off forum via PM.

Your not alone.


Hi I am on Hydroxchoroguine, I have been to the doctors he will not put me on HRT because of cancer in the family he just wants to put me on anti depressants. I have thrown them in the bin I only took a couple they just knocked me off my feet for the day. The others he put me on, I took at night, I slept but I couldnt go to work because I was unable to drive as I was drowsy. Just wish there was a herbal remedy for this, Ive tried everything on Boots shelf. I am an accountant by trade so have to go to work and I cannot make mistakes. I am not a sit at home person.


I have had lupus for about 14 years. I'm also in my second year of menopause. I have the feeling that my hot flashes and sweating are much more severe than ANY other woman I know who has been or is in menopause! I have drenching sweats that soak my clothing. I change clthing five times a day and shower three times a day. I cannot take any form of estrogen to lessen the menopause symptoms because estrogen can make lupus worse. It also increases a lupus patient's risk of heart attack and stroke!! So. i'm stuck with the hot flashes and swneats!

I want to tell you how very helpful taking the antidepressant, Celexa, has been for me. It isn't that I have less sweating, chills or palpitations from menopause or any less pain from lupus while on Celexa. But I most definitely cope with all of the symptoms so much better. The pain is still there but it no longer keeps me in bed. I'm very tired but I'm still able to get up, take a shower, meet a friend for lunch & really enjoy visiting with her. I'd say that the antidempressant enables me to go out into the world, interact with people, even exercise so that when I do lie down to sleep for the night, I sleep deeply & feel restored when I wake up.

My gynecologist prescribes antidepressants to women in menopause who don't have lupus as well as those who do. She says that it helps them to better cope with the symptoms you and I are both experiencing.

One of the symptoms of lupus is depression. Difficulty sleeping through the night is a sign of depression, as is any thought of suicide however fleeting. Please talk to your husband right away about the possibility of taking an antidepressant to eliminate those thoughts.

Depression is caused by a decrease of serotonin in the brain. It is a disease with a physical cause. It can happen to anyone! But depression occurs often in men and women with lupus. Depression with suicidal ideation can be fatal. Please talk to your huband and your physician right away about taking an antidepressant. It is one drug you can take that will make every miserable symptom you have so much better, and it could be lifesaving.

I hope that you will feel better soon.



Thank you for your advice, my doctor will not put me HRT for the menapause due to cancer in the family. One of my biggest fears if the doctor puts me on antidepressants as he wants to. I also suffer at times with vertigo so I cant afford to be drowsy sleepy and then get a bout of vertigo. I have a very hectic work life as Im an accountant by trade running my own business. I just fear I will make mistakes at work and I will have lack of concentration. I just wish I could try and find a herbal remedy that would help with the menapause, I am coping with the Lupus as Im hell bent on not letting it get the better of me, instead of feeling tired which I am all the time I just keep working to take my mind off of things. I usualy share everything with my husband and he is a great support and a fantastic person but my very low times not often, I cannot share with him because it would worry him. When I get a low time I think of him and know I am the luckiest women in the world to have a wonderful husband. This turns me round and keeps me focussed on the most important things such as him. I am sorry to off load things but sometimes it just feels I am on my own.



Lupus can be triggered due to hormonal changes in the body, although the disease can start at any age including childhood. The first signs of the disease usually appear in females during the reproductive years after the onset of menstrual periods and before the menopause. So it could be a mixture of your lupus and the menopause which are causing you discomfort.

Do you have a good relationship with your GP? I would recommend making an appointment with them and letting them know how you feel as well as getting advice on what herbal remedies are suitable for you. They may also be able to provide some additional support too. Are you currently being prescribed any treatment for your lupus?

If you need to talk, obviously, please continue to use this forum, but please also get in touch with us if you'd like somebody to talk to. We have contacts that have lupus themselves so they can understand and are there to listen.

Feel free to send a private message or you can email me at anytime and i will do my best to help.

Take care,




I am on Hydroxchoroquine I have been to doctors they keep wanting to put me on anti depressants. I have take some of them but they just knock me off my feet. I have to work and Im an accountant by trade so have to keep focussed. I have also told them how I feel. I have asked for herbal remedies as I know these are safe to take with no after effects. I cope with the tired part as I throw myself into work, to take my mind off of things. its the pannick attacks sweating aches and pains I hate, just sometimes I think Im going mad.


You need to be cautious with herbal remedies because many can potentially have interactions with other treatments. If you are planning on taking any, then you should discuss it with your GP first.

Which antidepressants/anti-anxiety treatments have you tried? There are a wide range available and sometimes it can take a while to find the one that suits you best. Have you considered something like talking therapy of cognitive behavioural therapy to help you manage the panic attacks?


Yes, I diagnosed with lupus when I was going through menopause...when all the symptoms show up, tiring, sweat, nervous, hot, brain frog and was so confused until red and itchy rash appeared, blood test and biopsies confirmed I got SLE.

Why me? Didn't I got enough with menopause symstoms? Not fair... My life suddenly changed upside down. It took me more than 2 years to cope and accepted. It's hard, but learning and do what best for myself suddenly interesting me :) I must forgot about myself for a longtime.

To be honest, doctor gives me antidepressants med, I haven't taking it either...One day, a nurse told me the antidepression works together with hydroxychloroquine. Liked you, I don't like medicine that much, but I'm thinking about taking it if it does calm my flares down and help me to functioning.

Reduce stress, do one thing of a time, drink liquid, stay away from alcohol, coffein, fried and spicy food, good diet, non inflamation foods and drinks, relax your mind and body would help naturally.

Make some changes, challenging ourselves for a living life with lupus & menopause and hope for the best.

Good lucks,


Hi, I really understand how you feel, the one thing that really did help me was seeing a homeopathic Doctor, treatment was slow but greatly improved, available on NHS but hard to get due, to cutbacks I ended up paying privately, best of luck


Like many I have been refused HRT because of my condition. I try sage tea for the hot sweats - you have to seep it a long time and drink it cold. It's pretty disgusting (well, to my taste, at least) so I've taken to adding honey! - but there is no doubt it has alleviated some of the worst of the symptoms so now I always keep a jug in the fridge. I too feel it's a bit bloody mean, frankly, to have lupus *and* still get the menopause! Best of luck! Jo

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I’m really pleased to read about the sage tea! I will try it. X


Hi, I’ve written a long reply to the 1st post and after realised its 4yo maybe you find it helpful as there are other options, I mentioned tibolone as it is one used since the 60 and mimics hormones hope it helps


Hi! There are many other alternatives as hrt. Some over the counter products like black cocosh can be very harmful to the liver. Between the products your doctor can prescribe there is Tibolone which has been used over 50 years and considered safe. It protects your bones and helps with most menopause related problems. I haven’t taken it but read this article and it seems safe for lupus patients as it is a kind of steroid that mimics female hormones. Maybe you should ask a different GP as even NICE states antidepressants should not be considered as the only option when a woman has severe menopause symptoms, even cancer patients have options, just check out NICE menopause guidelines. Sorry for the long post but hate it when some GP can’t be bothered and cure everything with antidepressants instead of trying to cure what is causing the patient to feel low.


I’ve just realised this post is 4yo 🙄


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