Taking meds while pregnant & flare up

I've had SLE & fibro for years. Just turned 35 and having my first baby. I'm only 8 weeks. My husband & i are happy but im so worried & anxious about continuing to take meds and the effect it my have on the baby. I've stopped azathorprine, just taking plaquenil & 5mg steroids. My symptoms are up and down but I have got sooooooooo depressed. I've been in bed 6 days as feel so low. Cant talk to anyone. I used to take anti-depressants but stopped them too. Has anyone had a baby whilst taking meds?? Does pregnancy stop flare ups? Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Plaquinel is safe in pregnancy. Not sure about steroids. My consultant said 1/3 symptoms get worse, 1/3 stay the same & 1/3 symptoms get worse. I'm 9 wks on fri & I've got my fingers crossed for the better or same option!!

    Have you seen a high risk consultant that knows about lupus? I think I'll see mine regularly n it puts my mind at rest.

    Good luck xxx

  • Thanks so much Alison. Congrats on your pregnancy too! How you feeling? I'm not seeing my consultant again until end of Oct, which feels ages away. My consultant is very nice too, but wasn't keen on me trying for a baby right now, thinks I should wait til next year, but it was the rheumy nurse who suggested to go for it as there's nothing to gaurantee I'd feel much better. My consultant said azotherprine was regarded as safe in pregnancy, yet the medication leaflet suggested otherwise. I guess it's because I know I get side effects, it makes me worry the baby would. Fingers crossed. Hope all goes well for you xx

  • I hope it all goes well, I'm beyond tired!! Sleeping when I can, but still shattered!! At least I'm not being sick!!

    Good luck xxx

  • I've suffered with SLE and APL since I was 16 I'm now 21 and currently 25 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby , I've taken aspirin and hydroxychloroquine through both my pregnancy and my consultant was more than happy for me to take the medication . First pregnancy sle seemed to disappear for the whole pregnancy and about 4 months after baby was born but this pregnancy seems to be flare ups constantly my consultant told me that the first trimester and 3rd trimester is when a flare up is likely to happen and be worst during the last few weeks of pregnancy good luck ladys x

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