Excited but scared

I have just booked myself onto a 10 wk course, its in the evenings and was alot of money for me to pay out,. Now I am wondering what on earth I have done............ Will I actually be able to do it? (its a stained glass course), what if we get weather like last year and I can't physically get there? Trying to sort out dinner for my lot and get out the house for a 7pm start, and will my body play the game for 10wks on the evenings of the course?

I always find it weird how when you have a condition like SLE, you have to think of so many compotents and work out the risk factors............. anyway, I have thrown caution to the wind and am hoping that something will be on my side for a change and i will be able to do this consistently.

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Well done you think you are fab for taking the risk I am sure you will enjoy and I can't wait to see you posting pics of your latest stained glass masterpiece.


Hi Gloshette, good on you for signing up for the course. It sounds really interesting. I hope you'll post some photos of your stained glass for us to all enjoy. Best of luck.


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